GM Rescue Trucks for Civil Defense at Dcpds Portal.com

Description: Civil defense is a group consists of a group of volunteers who are  trying the blast to help the town to stay alive after disaster, save the people from debris.

Imagine the first day after disasters with roads impassable, a rescue truck moves over rough terrain trying to reach the victims of the blast to help the town stay alive. On this bleak and chaotic day, some people will choose to help others, the outskirts of violence is still now, but civil defense workers come to search for any sign of life even in this mock disaster.

The volunteers act their parts in all seriousness, this is the civil defense. Rescue instructor school in only Maryland, where practical realistic activity is substituted for classroom, lectures. A body is discovered in the debris, there are students now soon-to-be teachers, they will instruct disaster, control teams back in their hometown or at their industrial plants for peacetime as well as war disasters trainees come here from all over the world.

For it’s considered the finest rescue school anywhere, their primary objective is to save their fellow man and they get all the help, their government knows of like this versatile rescue truck. That’s approved by the civil defense for all communities trainees, depend on this light duty GMC for nearly everything designed, especially for the CD.

It has four wheel drive a 6,000 pound capacity front wench, carries a full rescue team and 150 pieces of emergency gear. One hope of recovery lies here at survival Avenue and disasters Street, or if the real thing should come whether in war or peace, some of you will know how to fight back. The civil defense is your reassurance in a time when clouds hover over the free world.

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