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Activate Discovery GO Digital Chief Online To Shape TV Content

Description:The article is about discoverygo activate. The author shows us about one program which is trying to have a deeper understanding to shape TV content well. They successfully take one of their program back from the digital space and bring it back to television.

You can tell me about the interaction between discovery shows and the social space online. How are you propagating audience engagement via that Channel? We’re trying to have a much deeper and utilize the digital platforms whether that be the online world or the social conversation on Facebook Twitter. They will drive that audience engagement and have a much deeper relationship for the fans of the shows on all those platforms. There are a couple examples we’ve had great success with.

The number one show for men in its last season Gold Rush on Discovery aired and as part of that we did an after-show which was a video experience with the executive producer talking about with the cast about what went on during the show. We had social components to it with an ability to tweet about the show and have the conversation on Facebook.

Then we took a sense of the compilation of those after shows and edited them into an hour-long piece that we then took back from the digital space and brought back to television. The show was the number one show on Friday night for men in the US. It was a great example of nurturing that audience with a multi-platform experience that included internet and social. We are not only doing it there but ultimately being able to bring it back to the television space.

Another example of Shark Week is a phenomenon. It is a huge phenomena and one of our marquee events every summer. Last year we had a huge social component to that. It was the number one trending topic going in the social environment. We are going to do that again as we go for our 25th anniversary of Shark Week this summer.

We’re excited about that. That was from television to online in terms of your vision of 3G to see it going the other way. I think it’s interesting. It may not make sense for everybody and it may not make sense for every show but there may be talent and shows that make a lot of sense.

One great example of that is we have a company that we have called which was primarily a reference site that has also developed a variety of personalities around the stuffed topic. We’ve taken one franchise there Josh and Chuck two personalities that host our podcast originally. We started realizing that they were beginning develop a huge following with millions of downloads a month for their podcasts.

We started develop podcasts for them. We did a pop up Sirius XM radio show with them where the line was around the block of their fans to come participate in the show. We took them and in a conversation with some of our television franchises here.

The Science Channel became very interested in developing a show with them. We’re in development for a show later this year with the Science Channel where Josh and Chuck will be parts of that show. We are excited and that’s a great example of taking our digital native talent and bring them back to television. We’ve done it now. We’ve certainly been looking to do it increasing with revision3 with our digital talent there as well.

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