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Discovery Communications

Description: This article is mainly focusing on the introduction of the networks that are run by the Discovery Communications.

Discovery communications founded by John Hendricks is the world number one nonfiction media company, reaching more than 1.5 cumulative subscribers in 210 countries and territories. Discovery has over 130 worldwide television networks led by Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet and Science And Investigation Discovery.

Discovery impact is a program that uses networks, owned by Discovery Communications to make a difference in people’s lives. Discovery strives to provide viewers with the highest quality nonfiction content that not only entertains and engages, but enlightens, educates and inspires.

Discovery impact broadcasts public service announcements, across nine different channels. Here is a public service announcement for their program. Discover your skills.

There are over 130 television networks run by the Discovery Communications, but here are the top five. First is the Discovery Channel, it was first broadcast on June 17th 1985. The first program to air was iceberg alley. W Clarke Bundy is the current president. The Discovery Channel mainly targets adults, ages 25 to 54, particularly men. The Discovery Channel reaches 101 million households, shows that they have put the Discovery Channel into the spotlight our Deadliest Catch.

Mythbusters, dirty jobs, man vs. wild and storm chasers. It also has the annual Shark Week where they partnered with the non-profit organizations, Oceana and the Pew Charitable Trusts to raise awareness of shark endangerment and conservation.

TLC or The Learning Channel is one of the 20 most widely distributed cable networks in the U.S.. TLC became part of Discovery Communications on May 1st 1991 and Eileen O’Neil as the group president. TLC specifically targets women between the ages of 18 and 49, shows on TLC include the well-known Cake Boss, what not to wear, LA ink and say yes to the dress.

Animal Planet was launched October 1st 1996 and is now read by Marjorie Kaplan, it is the only entertainment brand that focuses on animals, both domestic and wild. It airs both reality shows as well as documentary series. The target demographic is adults, between the ages of 25 and 54. They have partnered with the roar organization and now on

Discovery Networks International is an operation that reaches more than 130 countries worldwide, they distribute 23 global television brands. Discovery Commerce branches out through the Discovery Channel store catalog and the website discovery, they sell educational gifts.

Discovery Education is a program that provides innovative, multimedia, educational products and services to more than half of the U.S. schools by using streaming videos and sign DVDs and CDs. Discovery digital media not only runs the websites that accompany the television brands, but they also run websites, and

The final branch is Discovery Studios, Discovery Studios develops more than 300 hours of original content per year, it produces award-winning films and series. The most recent movie made was in the shadow of the moon which tells the inspirational tale of the Apollo.

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