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EuroSport Discovery Communications

Description: This article is mainly focusing on the exhibition in Monaco which is mainly focusing on the sport games in Europe and because of the games, this exhibition would be a massive achievement for the Discovery Communications.

We have to spot a year and this one in Monaco is probably the most important for us. It will be three days where we will meet everybody. So it’s crucial for our specifically on both acquisition and syndication sides. All the main actors of the industry, so it’s the most important and supportable.

2017 will be probably one of our most exciting year for sport because we will have Bundesliga and extra bases for our fans in Germany. So for the first time we will have a very prestigious property in Germany for the local market and we will have the whole four grand slam in about thirty two countries in Europe.

The most important is that we will welcome the Olympic ring onto our screen, so the sport will be the official Olympic broadcaster and that is a massive achievement for us.

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