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Is Disney Promoting LSD Use Now? Disney Now Activate

Description: The article is about disneynow-com-activate. The author will show us his shelf of LSD that his fan gave him. He will tell us what the shelf looks like and the deep meaning of the characters in Disney which is interesting.

One of my viewers sent me this link and it is a shelf and a Disney show. I don’t know what Disney show is. But somebody has figured out that shelf looks very much like the chemical makeup, the molecular formula of LSD. Thank you.

I went and looked at it. I am sure that this is the molecular formula of LSD. It’s turned on its side. So it would look a little bit different. It looks different in the shelves. But it’s identical other than that. This isn’t a mistake. Most people know in the truth community that LSD is a big part of the my control program.

Disney is anything that they won’t incriminate themselves with or they won’t display now. Because I’ve covered this. There are multiple Disney shows. There’s one where there’s a the main character star versus the forces of evil. The character star wears Devil’s horns and her former boyfriend is the son of the devil.

There’s demons and transgender characters. Then there is this character. I forget the name of the show. But it is the head main boss. He has the man-boy love pedophile symbols on him. This has been documented by the FBI. So we have these shelves that are documented by the scientific community. Man-boy love symbol has drone all over this Zephyr character.

There’s no excusing this. You know it’s like this. I did it. Now they’re saying I groped a male staffer. I tickled him till he couldn’t breathe and then four people jumped on top of me. It is my 50th birthday. It was killing the old man.

That’s Walt Disney, devil worshipers and groping anybody. We grew up. We tickled them up. That made it worse. Disney ups the ante. They do something beyond what you can imagine. They exceed your low expectations for them and as a reminder these are cartoon. So these images have to be drawn.

Extending these things takes forever. Creating a cartoon takes a very long time. Pedophile man boy and loved symbols don’t magically appear on characters. They have to be drawn. The molecular structure of LSD doesn’t appear as shells in a cartoon.

Somebody has to create that and so they’re promoting LSD. I don’t even understand how putting the molecular structure of LSD in their cartoon. I don’t know what the value of that even is. But it’s Disney. This is Paul Romano definitely reporting from the apocalypse.

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