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Cheap DIY Mylar Walmart Solar Eclipse Filter

Description: This passage is designed to tell you about eclipse glasses Walmart, being a guidance which focuses on teaching people to make a cheap and easy DIY Mylar solar eclipse filter for anyone who missed the boat and didn’t pick up any filters.

I have to make some filters for it. The problem that I’m run into is that I plan to use it on several different cameras and lenses and I’m not paying a bunch of money for filters for one setup. I’m going to be using that Mylar sheets. Some people will say to do while others will say not. I’ve seen some people have good success with them.

I do plan to use a UV filter and also neutral density filter, but this is how I’m going to get around. Cutting the light as much as possible, so the best nizzle can handle it. I’m sure that most of those solar filters are not cheap at all.

So the biggest problem for me is that if I’m going to be using two or three different types of cameras to record this event, buying many filters is not an option. I mean some of the cheapest ones available fire craft which are still going for 159 to 200 dollars. Even if I wanted to buy them, they’re all sold out everywhere. Whether in Diorama, B&H or Amazon, they’re all gone. We have to improvise.

Under no circumstances are you going to be able to view the solar eclipse with Mylar. You can do it through your camera, but you cannot hold Mylar up to your eyes and expect it to be nice. It’s not going to be enough. You could damage your eyes, if you try and do that.

If you don’t already have a pair of solar glasses, I encourage everyone to go to the event or go to a viewing party. It is a beam and go ahead and try to enjoy the solar eclipse. I guarantee you that there’s going to be plenty of people in that area. That’s going to have glasses even for sale or to share.

I don’t think there’s going to be many people that are not going to be willing to share with you. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury. Since I am going to be photographing and videoing with several different cameras, I basically need a filter.

For every single item that I’m going to use so wouldn’t that be for my eyes so that I can experience it even though I’m going to be photographing and in videotaping the whole thing, I still want to experience the solar eclipse with my own eyeballs.

There’s no way that I’m going to only view it through a lens. If I want to experience it that way, there are plenty of photographs of solar eclipses from all over the world already online. I can download the highest resolution one, but this is experience for you as individuals.

You want to be able to photograph and experience the whole thing. Be present. Be in the moment. Take it all in for yourself. Don’t depend on your camera gear to capture that amazing event for you. Take it in with your own two eyes as long as you have the proper eyewear.

Another thing is that if you are planning to photograph and you’re hanging on your filter, there is a change you can still get some filters for your lenses, but you have to understand the wall of supply is demand because of this moment, they are gouging every single company that I know and I’ve checked out online has started gouging why they have increased the price of solar sheets and solar film. Something that was worth $10 two months ago is now going to forty nine, ninety five plus thirty three dollars and shipping. It’s ridiculous, so don’t be a sucker.

You can use Mylar on your cameras. Use an Endi filter and use a UV filter, but don’t over pay for solar film. I think I’ve got everything that I needed to pull this off. I don’t know if it’s going to work. I know that the part about holding the Mylar film together in between these two things. I think the web parts can work fine, but I have a bit of a concern with if the other stuff can.

This is what I ended up making. This is a piece of Mylar from emergency space blankets and what I did is laying it out and then putting painters tape or gaffers tape on each of the four corners so that I could keep it secure to the table.

Then I bought these little clear plastic potting pot and cut the bottom of one off because I needed the lip. I didn’t want anything to come through the front. Then I took superglue and put it all around this edge. I flipped it over and with this ended up. You place the thinner of it over a section that hasn’t been folded yet and then you let it sit there and you let it dry. Then you take a blade, cut all the way around it and snip it off.

Make sure this is nice and clean and surprisingly enough inside the Fuji films 100 to 400 lens hood. This slid perfectly down inside. So that’s what I’m going to use probably for a couple of different types of shots. I’m also going to make a couple of these.

Perhaps with a different size to fit around the lenses of the other couple of cameras as I’m going to be taken with me. I’m also going to make shift another one for my phone so that I can have this lens here protected as well. I think I’m going to do it like a long time lapse of the entire totality and make that happen.

But if you’ve got protection here that does not mean that that you’re going to be able to look at the Sun directly, so be sure that you have a good set of solar eclipse classes. I got this 3-pack from daylight sky. This was from a reputable source.

A lot of other places claim that they’re legit. I don’t trust a lot of these Chinese companies. I used this earlier to take a couple of test shots. I left all those up on the screen for you so there you have it. I hope this helps somebody out there if you have been trailing behind or you want to able to get one of your solo filters or maybe you can’t afford one for this event.

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