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How to Spot Fake Eclipse Glasses Tips from NASA Eclipse Glasses

Description: This article is going to be talking about some tips of buying eclipse glasses released by NASA which can help you avoid buying fake ones.

We are now on our way to pick our eclipse glasses, they are selling them at the museum. I’m not going to buy the glasses online because there are some announcements on the NASA website that says some eclipse glasses that are sold online can’t achieve the standard and may do harm to your eyes. So I would suggest buying the eclipse glasses from the list of reputable manufacturers that NASA has recommended.

So I got the glasses and the girl who sold them to me at the museum told me that the glasses they were selling at the museum are legit and if I scratch the lens, it will also does harm to my eyes. I have to say that they are treating this very seriously. This is the one that I have bought on Amazon, it has the America flags. I ordered five of them, but they only gave me one, I emailed them, they refunded my money and told me that they were sold out, so do other sellers.

Now I have both Amazon ones and the museum ones. As you can see, there are some differences on the lenses. And I’m not sure if the Amazon ones are real or not, but for protection, I suggest you throwing them out because maybe they are not real ones and you don’t want to take the risk to damaging your eyes permanently.

Here you can see the ISO 12312-2 logo on the NASA ones, and this one is manufactured by American Paper Optics, which is one of the reputable sellers. Here is the NASA website, and you can see the warning sign, this is what to look for for legit glasses, ISO label, parterned with the requirement of ISO 12312-2 number as well as a list of reputable sellers. They also have some tips of warning.

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