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Life Hacks DIY How to Make Walmart Solar Eclipse Glasses in 5 minutes to Look into The Sun

Description: This article is designed to talk about eclipse glasses Walmart, teaching you an easy way to make a solar eclipse glass in 5 minutes to look into the sun so that you can look at the sun more safely and conveniently.

It’s wise monkey here. I’ll show you how to make your own sun glasses to see the solar eclipse. There are a lot of problems. Leslie would sell glasses in other places and they say it may not work. This one we have tried in the past in other parts of the world caused no problem with the eyes or anybody, so take a photo frame that has glass.

This is the photo frame with the laptop. Take the back off. Click the glass and take a camel. Anyone that looks like this is a small one. You can take a bigger candle for faster results. Roll the candle up. Lit it up and while we start. The candle is too thick.

The best way to do is to place it on this sink or on the edge of it so that there’s no kaya. Hold this photo and paint the glass. Put it down slowly until it starts to turn black. This is how you make your own glass to see the solar eclipse. Be slow. If you go too far out, it’ll not work.

Cover the enter photo frame this way. This is like a 8 by 10. You can take even bigger. Better to cover almost all of it.That would save the eyes, so when we went back and forth two times to cover the entirety. Turn candle off. When facing with regular Sun or amid a hot Sun, try it. It was perfect. We saw the orange knives are in Sun without any impact in the past.

We’ll show you more, we’re on Sun midday and this is how it’s going to be true with. This is not the orange one. The other one is the camera light and reflection from the window. The one the top is Sun. Nice and clear. You can move it a little back and forth to find a better spot.

In the past, this was tried and nothing happened. Existing sunglasses that are not good enough can be coated with this carbon code. I’ll show you one more thing that how to clean it. Polly takes a tissue and cleans it. This is how it cleans soul carbon, so you can reuse the photo frame.

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