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Paper Solar Eclipse Glasses at Walmart Be Warned

Description: This passage is designed to tell you that with the paper solar eclipse glasses, you are able to watch the eclipse without hurting your eyes, but not anything else.

I’m going to watch the eclipse that is going to come in August. And long time ago, I bought myself a pair solar eclipse glasses and they have metallic finish on one side and looks black on the other side. Then I receive another, as you can see, they are different.

So I turned my lamp on and I put both pair of glasses on, but I couldn’t see anything. Then I found the brightest flashlight in my home, and I could barely see it with two pairs of glasses. At last I went out to the sun, and I found both of them work. The sun looks more orangie with them. So what I want to tell you is that, these things do work and it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort when looking at the sun.

Make sure you get these when you watch the eclipse.

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