Eversource Login and Boston Properties

Description: This article is mainly about the eversource login. It tells that some companies in Boston retrofit existing buildings and change them to high-performance buildings which make inhabitant healthier, more comfortable and can save energy.

Boston is experiencing one of the biggest building boom zits ever seen. Boston Properties has been fortunate to build to participate in. Customers are focusing on not only cost savings, but sustainable operations and the buildings that they live and work in.

We are able to retain our tenants, because the overall building performance the comfort of these buildings the way they are managed. It demonstrates that when we’re designing energy efficiency solutions to our customers.

We’ve got to recognize and support companies that are retrofitting existing buildings that are of historic stock. Boston properties bought the building in 2010, the building was built in 1975 and a lot of equipment and the building was original equipment, so it was near the end of its life cycle.

One of the bigger projects that we did is a retro commissioning to the building which is going through every single piece of equipment. Anything that moved water is where we saw cumulatively. All the projects that we had done up to then saved energy, but we implemented the retro-commissioning.

That’s where we saw the biggest energy savings close to a 20% reduction in electrical consumption. What we’re talking is high-performance buildings where the lighting adjusts automatically where I’m not having to adjust a dimmer switch that brings tremendous benefits to everybody. That’s working in the space whether it’s heating and cooling or lighting. We bring all these aspects together in a holistic approach. Everything is working wonderfully.

It’s a healthier building to work in and a much more comfortable environment. The chillers were getting near the end of their life cycle and we saw an opportunity to upgrade the chillers. We went from on many days where we had to run to machines.

This efficient 850 ton machine we were able to get by almost every day last summer without ever having to run to machines. The upgrades provide a more reliable chilled water plant to serve the retail facility and it also provides lower operating costs.

It’s the savings, but also the comfort that we can deliver is more important. This is about helping our customers achieve their goals. Boston Properties is a leader in the space. They are leaders not only for what they’re doing in so many iconic buildings that they manage but also in Boston. We have benefited tremendously and Bennett Bill had the ability to complete many projects years earlier than we normally would have.

Ephesus provides us with a resource that helps us in many ways. A lot of our customers are not in the energy management field so when they want to look at saying a lighting retrofit, we can pull all those resources together. It’s a tremendous value add for our customers and we’re very proud of everything that we have accomplished over there and Elvis’s has been a partner all along the way.

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