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Fill You In Friday Every Students Succeeds Act

Description: The article is about every student succeeds act. The article talks about military children in school and shows it is important to maintain consistency with military children’s courses with their schedules with their credits with their extracurricular activities and their social groups.

I am Sheena Wendell this is Fill You in Friday. In case you missed it,this is April month of the military child. Military children in our school system are very unique because they transfer frequently. We’ve provided some resources for educators for families for districts to use so that you can better support these children.

It’s important that we try to maintain consistency with their courses with their schedules with their credits with their extracurricular activities and their social groups. We want to encourage you to check out those resources. We want to encourage districts. It’s not too late to find a day in April that you can wear purple as a staff and celebrate and recognize these children and these families.

They’re an important part of your school community. We are going to have a lot of data being released by the Arkansas Department of Education in the next few days. We want you to be informed. The National Assessment for Educational Progress results will be released for 2017 including the nape test,SS school index reports,school report cards. All of this information will be released to the public.

What we want to encourage you to do is use these pieces of information as tools. These are tools that school communities, school districts,educators,students,parents,school board members,business owners use them as tools to have conversations about your school.

Apply a continuous cycle of inquiry and improvement to these pieces and think about how you’re going to plan,what you’re going to do and how you’re going to check your progress on these pieces. Be on the lookout for those,there will be a series of webinars coming out to accompany them as well as Commissioner memos to help offer more support and resources for those important pieces of information.

I want to give a special shout-out to our legal team. Sometimes when people think about the Department of Education,you think about educators. But we have a fabulous legal team here at the Arkansas Department of Education. They help us in a variety of ways.

But one special way that I want to highlight today is the rule writing process. This is a very tedious and often laborious process that comes down after legislation is passed. We have to decide how we’re going to advise schools and write rules for them to follow when enacting those pieces of legislation. That’s where this team comes in handy. We couldn’t exist without them.

There are some pending rules on our website,you can find them there as well as current rules some that are already open for public comment and some that will be released soon for public comment. You need to check those things out and if you see a member of our legal team give them a hug because they work hard and we appreciate them.

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