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The Solution of eviCore’s Musculoskeletal Solution at Provider Portal. Com

Description: The passage mainly talks about the eviCore’s Musculoskeletal Provider Solution according to an example of a man’s experience of being hurt.

Every year, musculoskeletal diseases affect one out of every two adults, an account for 560 billion dollars in medical treatment costs more than 126 million individuals live with chronic pain, but choosing the best treatment plan can be challenging for patients and doctors.

Take Alex for example who suffers from chronic back pain, one day is he’s loading his car for a trip, he injures his back, the pain is unbearable, he needs to get help instead of vacation, Alex has to decide where to go for treatment ,the emergency room his primary care provider and urgent care facility if Alex chooses the ER path.

He’ll likely be prescribed a costly MRI which could lead to invasive surgery prescription pain relievers as well as the associated risks of addiction infection or even worse, fortunately, there are alternate routes Alex can take ever kors musculoskeletal solution offers evidence-based and patient-centered guidelines for every step along the continuum of care.

After Alex visits his primary care provider, Evercore gives suggestion to his treating physician that Alex is a good candidate for physical therapy which involves fewer health risks and an improved potential outcome be calculating.

Alex receives a text authorization for a visit to the physical therapist through a regimen of medically guided exercise, he gradually regained strength flexibility and function Alex and his physical therapist work together to heal Alice, so he can finally go on his vacation for patients like Alex.

This means they receive the best care for their condition for health care providers, it means knowing their treatment plans are backed by the latest available evidence and for health plans, it means knowing their health care dollars are being spent on the most effective treatments for their members ever kors musculoskeletal solution is the right choice for your patients find out more today.

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