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Description: The article below talks about the experience a person has when suffering the serious painfulness, and also mentions the eviCore’s Provider Radiology Solution.

Megan has been having abdominal pain for several days and decides to visit her doctor, after an examination, her doctor is concerned she may have gall stones or an inflamed gallbladder and recommends a CT scan a test that uses a series of x-rays to create a cross-sectional image of the inside of her body.

However, Megan’s insurance company requires a prior authorization before they will cover this test, core healthcare provides these evidence-based prior authorization services, the healthcare payers and their members in Meghan’s case.

This ensures that her CT scan is truly medically necessary and is the best way for her doctor to diagnose her condition. I think of it as confirmation of evidence-based care which is a good thing since research shows that twenty to fifty percent of all imaging tests like CT scans may be redundant or unnecessary and that’s a scary thought when you consider the radiation dose from a CT scan can be 100 to 500 times higher than a single chest x-ray a doctor from Ewa core reviews.

Meghan’s case and using evidence-based guidelines finds that an ultrasound is a more appropriate test in this situation, he contacts Meghan’s physician and after a brief discussion, they decide that an ultrasound will tell her all she needs to know without exposing Meghan to unnecessary radiation and unneeded follow-up tests in addition the ultrasounds lower cost will save both Meghan and her health insurance company valuable healthcare dollars with her authorization in hand.

Meghan receives the ultrasound and her doctor is able to identify the source of the pain and treat it. Meghan is now healthy, back to her routine and a little wiser on the use of imaging study.

Thanks to a course partnership with her insurance company Ewa core health care partners with providers and health plans to enable better patient outcomes and enhanced safety for patients, this means that they receive the most clinically appropriate treatments and tests while avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation additional downstream procedures and unnecessary cost for providers, it means having access to valuable resources backed by up-to-date clinical evidence, that will ensure their patients are receiving the best tests and treatments to meet their needs while eliminating any unnecessary procedures for payers, it means that their health care dollars are being spent on the most effective treatments and procedures for their members ever cores radiology solution is the right choice for your patients find out more today.

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