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The Solution of eviCore’s Sleep Management at Provider Portal. Com

Description: The article talks about the experience a man has when he meets a problem of snoring which brings the bad situations for him to fall asleep easily, and the eviCore’s Sleep Management Solution to solving the problem.

Matt often snores and his wife doesn’t get much sleep. Matt’s doctor is concerned that Matt might have obstructive sleep apnea or OSA osa is a commonly undiagnosed medical condition caused by airway obstruction during sleep.

Having OSA often results in an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes since his insurance works with Evercore health care. Matt is approved to have a sleep study done in the comfort of his own home by an accredited sleep center from Ewa Coors Network.

When the results come back, Matt is diagnosed with OSA and prescribed positive airway pressure or path therapy, at first Matt only uses the new path device a few times, unsurprisingly, the snoring and exhaustion persist, he isn’t using his therapy as prescribed Matt’s doctor and equipment provider remind him of the importance of treating his condition and address any questions about the path device.

Six months later, Matt is regularly using the path device as prescribed, he and his wife are sleeping soundly, he has more energy, has lost some weight and his blood pressure has improved, Evercore health care partners with providers and health plans to enable better medical outcomes.

This means he receives the most appropriate and convenient care along with the follow up, his treatment is working for providers, it means knowing their efforts are backed by the best available research and attention to their patients treatment success and for health plans, it means their health care dollars are being spent on cost-effective tests and proven effective treatments for their members, of course, sleep solutions are the right choice for your patients to find out more.

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