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The Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities in HS

Description: This passage is mainly focusing on extra curricular activities, showing you opinions from teachers and students that participating after-school activities and sports is good for mental and physical health in high school.

During the school year, HHS has provided many after-school activities that anyone can participate. There are three types of after-school activities, clubs, sports and weepers.

Some of the clubs that are provided to the student body are Marching Band, Choir, Drama Club, Book Club, Business Club, Cross, FFA, French Honor Society, Key Club, NHS, Oracle, Political Club, Ski Clubs, Student Government, Hire Times and TSN. Sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, cross-country, track field, fencing, volleyball and golf.

I am the adviser of TSA. After school, I played baseball in the off season. I won conference in No. two and four and I play second a night scope and in counties, I won one to the floor again and became the most valuable runner. I advise to clubs and wives National Art Society. I also advise the Cross Club. I’m in Jump Club and in Marching Band.

I think they should, because it is fun and it’s something to do except going home and doing nothing. Absolutely, I think after-school activities will help them get up the educational background. It will enable them to participate activities.

I think the benefit of after-school activities is that you get to experience a whole new different setting, because school is where you sit in the desk, but after-school activities are different. They get different ways mentally and physically.

What do you think some people don’t join in after-school activities? I would think some of them have no time and maybe they have lots of school work. After- school activities make you better and play a sport all seasons. I believe that they can help to develop people mentally and physically for challenges that they face.

They strive hard to complete the task that they’re given and the project that they’re doing. They will work hard to complete it. I don’t necessarily focus on the end result or winning the competition in a vein, but the road travel up to the end. They did function as a group properly and we’re all members engaged in design process. It’s the entering process which they go and all students had. They set goals and achieve goals.

Joining after-school activities is the best way to make new friends. Being in an after-school activity or activities can be very time-consuming, but it can also be something that can help you in the future. According to the public agenda, 79 percent of America’s high school students join at least one club or sport. Don’t miss out on a great adventure throughout to high school career. Get out and have fun.

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