fall activities

Introduction to Some Fall Activities

Description: This passage focuses on fall activities, showing an interesting day when the whole family does collective activities in fall such as watching a zombie dance show and visiting a corn maze and a haunted trail.

Tonight is girls’ night. The girls and I are going to go to a dance show with zombies. I’m so excited, but before we go, Jordan wants to make some caramel apples. It’s getting around to fall and we have on a caramel apple. They sound good, so we’re going to try these microwavable caramel apples. and to see how it works.

I think all you have to do is to heat the caramel, dip the Apple and consume. We fail at making caramel apples, so hopefully this will work. Whenever we make caramel apples, the caramel slides won’t stick to the Apple. We don’t know the reason. Let’s go and try these caramel apples. Let’s go to the kitchen.

We’re preparing the plate. You can look what we’ve got going on here. Hashtag sprinkle mountain. We are going to decorate these caramel apples and then eat them. Insert sticks in six refrigerated apples. I’m going to put the sticks in and I’m excited. Do you put it in like this? That’s good enough.

Now we’re going to take apples in. That’s cool. Now we’re going to add sprinkles to these two before they harden. They have already been hard. Audrey took the prettiest caramel apple. We ran out of caramel, so we could only make like this. I tasted. It’s good. We can’t make caramel apples every time. We try and we fail miserably.

We’ve got you caramel apples. Do you want to try one? I can’t chew through the Carl. We won’t make caramel apples again this year. You can cut it up and eat it like that. I think we need to start buying store-bought caramel apples. We always fail. They look weird and not pretty, but they taste good.

We’re all buckled up and ready to go to see a Halloween ballet performance with our grandmother. We’re going to pick her up and then go through the performance. I’m so excited. I have ever seen something like this before. I’m excited too. This will be fun.

Brett and I are at the theater. we’re going to see performance and there is mist and fog. Here’s so foggy. I see some of the performers and I will show you. You’re roaming all around and going to sneak up on us. I’m so excited to see this performance.We finished the play. it is good and I like it. It’s late and we’re tired. We’re going to go to bed so that we can get ready for school tomorrow. We’ll see you tomorrow.

We filmed a lot of videos like five. We’re heading to a corn maze and our Pilates. I’m so excited, because we haven’t done any thought to these yet. We’re going to go up to the corn maze and then later we’re going to go to a haunted hollow trail. My game is so fun because I am a little bit scary. I’m excited for the corn maze, but I wish it’s not too scary.

Look at the view behind us. There are bushes and cows. We’re now entering a tunnel. Do you know Jeff? We’re stuck. After going out of this big barrel, let’s go on top of it. I can’t give up the difficulties. It’s scary. Now, I’m on the top and I can see the corn maze behind me. It’s very spooky here.

There’re so many ways we can go. We can go this way; we can go that way; we can hide; we can go mother’s way or we can go through the middle of all the corn. Don’t leave the group. Are you serious mother? She’s making a shortcut. Run! We tried to ditch Jordan, but she found us. How do you find us? We are hiding. There’s another trail. Where do we go boys?

I’m thirsty. We’ve been in this maze for hours. I’m dying. Get us out of here. Jake and I are so thirsty. You lost your buddy. Get him. I found popcorn. Someone took the corner and raised a gun. We are out. Nice shot. I’m going down the slow slide up. We are on the train and going to ride the train. There are some tombstones. It’s so scary. What are you doing? Feeding the hungry goat. Here’s a big old peacock.

It’s nighttime now and we’re going to go on a spooky. It’s supposed to be hunted. I don’t know if it’s going to be a ride or a walk, but people are going to jump out at us. It’s getting cold, so I’m like an Eskimo. That’s why the camera was shaking. I’m freezing. I tried to protect myself from mosquito bite.

We’re starting to go in the tunnel and wish you can see us in the dark. We’re waiting at the door. Look at the side, there’s something inside. We’re on the path. I can’t see. She’s going to pop up. What do you think of the haunted sound? Scared pressure was low. I screamed like a girl the whole way. I screamed a lot. Little Red Riding Hood was cool. The big bad wolf was like eight-feet-tall. I play as a medium. I thought it was cool.

The only thing that minute-long is scary Mary on the bridge. You know that person. She was all very mushy. This is Joshua and she looks like scary Mary. What parts scared you Tim? The bush man. The last part of the fairy tale was Reapers. The troll following us was scary. Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy it.

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