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What to Do When You Are Bored In Fall Fun Ideas and Activites Monica Church

Description: This passage below describes fall activities, which are things you can do in fall if you are bored such as going to a pumpkin patch, going out for dating and doing DIY and also introduces some clothes you can wear in these occasions.

It’s Monica. Last time I accidentally forgot to put the I in my name so I guess I’m monka. Now you can refer me to be as Monica. Today I am going offer you ideas of things you can do in this fall if you’re bored. You are watching me and outfitting ideas to go along with each occasion. I’m working with Nordstrom. Everything that you see is from Nordstrom. In each piece is less than $150. Let’s start.

The first thing you can do in fall is that you can go to a pumpkin patch in a corn maze. I have a confession to make this might be childhood suicide, but I’m sure I had never been to a corn maze up until now. This is a fun activity to do with your friends.

You can race them or do it together. Another good thing is that you’re supporting local farms and local businesses rather than going to Safeway or Walmart and grabbing a pump in there.

You can go to a corn maze, have an experience to pick out your own pumpkin and make a day of a baby. An outfit that I would wear for this occasion would definitely be a flannel one. This one is from the Madewell section of Nordstrom.

It’s warm and cozy and you can tie it around your waist. I paired it with this marine tee from 1060 Sherman and to wear it casually. You can roll the sleeves up, but if you want to dress it up, you can button it all the way up and tuck it into your black pant.

The second thing to do would be going on a coffee date go through contacts. I dare you to text someone by saying that let’s get coffee and catch up with them. Through relationships with people are what’s going to make you the happiest. If it’s someone you haven’t seen in a while, you probably want to dress cute, impress them to show you are doing good.

Here’s an outfit you can wear. This outfit is cozy. The sweater turtleneck is from Madison and Berkeley at Nordstrom. It was $48 and the blanket cardigan in the plaid color is from Nordstrom VP. I love it. It’s seriously like a blanket like you can wrap yourself up in it. It’s awesome.

If you’re bored, you can hop on Pinterest and do some DIYs. Since I went to the pumpkin patch, I had a pumpkin then I DIY my pumpkin. I painted rather than carve. Carving is messy. Here’s a cute fall outfit. I’d wear while being chill and doing DIYs. For this outfit, I’m wearing a floppy hat from your MVP. My dress is the brand. The cutouts make it fun and it’s so comfortable. I’m wearing the Chelsea boot from Topshop. That’s all. Hope you enjoy reading.

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