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Some Fun Fit Family Activities

Description: This passage mainly describes family activities. It introduces many ways that people can incorporate fitness into their family life. It offers some activities to children and some nice ways and plans of doing sports to adults.

Welcome to the calorie minute. I’m Sarah Dussault with Stephen Cabral body transformation expert. May is family fitness Awareness Month. However all families should be focused on fitness the entire summer. Today we have a few ideas for you to incorporate fitness into your family activities.

Steven, tell me more about ways people can incorporate fitness into their family life. It is important to get started from a young age. You’re developing that lifestyle that hopefully continues into adulthood. If you weren’t big, active and all that when you were a child that’s good that you can start passing on now to your kids. One of the greatest things to do should be body weight movements.

All kids can start from squatting or doing all these body weight movements from the age that they can start to walk. There are no worries with getting into that from any age and one nice thing to do is that you get these little rings. You can set up obstacle courses in your back yard and kids can do hops and the Rings. They can do Sprint’s through them high knees.

All sorts of different outdoor workouts which are great and these things are indestructible which is cool. One thing you want to look at if not to over complicates. This with kids, you want to make it fun, because they’re not going to do it if it can not be fun.

What I like to do is timed intervals or timed workouts so that we don’t worry about how many reps. They’re going to do and count their reps. You can do 30 seconds worth of work, a minute worth of work or set up an obstacle course. Something like our 4-minute video, the world’s fastest workout video that we have the whole family could do that together.

You can get everybody together doing 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and going through it like that. You can also do one of my favorites which is 20 seconds to work, 40 seconds of rest or 30 seconds of work, 60 seconds of rest. A kind of explain the benefits of what they’re getting from it and having fun that’s the biggest thing.

When people first hear these ideas, they might think their child’s not going to want to do intervals. But you have to remember that kids anything entertains them. It’s not the calm interview. It’s like those time workouts, because if you don’t have the timer, you can say let’s run for 3 minutes and rest. It doesn’t interrupt that some plan of your workouts. It can be Family Fitness. Everyone goes outside and plays basketball together,too. Like that’s family fitness. It does work.

My neighbors around my house, kids love everything. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this and you have some more ideas and ways to incorporate Fitness into your family activities. We’ll see you next time.

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