Brief Introduction to Fiddlehead Focus Com

Description: This article is a description of local web-site Fiddlehead focus. It is an innovation in news reporting to draw people to a website where there is more in-depth news coverage allowing people to get news in new fashion.

Have you been keeping up with the news in your community? Fiddlehead focus has got you covered with nearly 1.2 million page views online and a paper published. Every Wednesday publisher, Andrew Burton will tell us about the purpose of the red field.

Fiddlehead focus is an innovation in news reporting and in news access. Unlike a regular newspaper which uses a print medium to inform people, we use our print media to draw people to a website where there is more in-depth news coverage allowing people to get their news more quickly, their local news more in a more useful fashion, and to allow them to keep up with what’s going on in their community every day.

While I was meeting with Mr. Burton, I asked him what made him decide to start the focus.“I have always thought that our community needed to have a voice that reached out of the valley so often, we concentrate on trying to bring information to the few people during day to day bases.

But there are so many things that we have in our community that the rest of the world is interested in. And this bears out, because of the type of attention that we get to the website, that is the fiddlehead focus all about.It is a print piece but it’s primarily a website,and our website has become the most popular website in all of a rustic County.

We have new content going up every day and it’s all about people to live here,their friends, their neighbors, their families. All of that, is important to so many people but not here in the valley,but the people outside of the valley as well.You may be able to pick up a free copy of the focus at locations around the ST. John Valley.”

But we wanted to know how the focus made an income? “We make our money through advertising.We try to promote our businesses here in the ST. John Valley, we try to promote the idea of shopping local and we try to make sure that people have stories that engage them.

That will also cause them to look through the entire fiddlehead focus,so that they will always see the ads that come out along with their webpage. Fiddlehead focus also has their own Facebook page.”

I asked Mr. Burton to share a little bit about their use of social media to spread the word through social networking.

“We are able to inform people when new stories are breaking so. If there’s an important story such as a fire or a burglary or an accident that is going on, we’re able to inform people.

Or if there’s a cancellation in schools, we can let people know and especially the younger people in our community. But at the same time the social media also brings information to fiddlehead focus, and we were able to use that to find out if there’s something occurring.

Now the thing with social media is that a lot of the information that comes across is not correct, but we can tell when something is happening and use that to go out and find out what is occurring and then people can come to the website knowing that they will get an accurate picture of an event”.

At the end of my interview, I asked Mr. Burton to share one of the main reasons why fiddlehead focus is important to the community.

“The fiddlehead focus provides access to people who normally would not use newspapers, because they have become accustomed to using digital media to get that news about their community and that’s what we’re best what we’re doing”


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