12 Sided Holy Crystal Fidget Toy and High Quality Fidget Cube Walmart Com

Description: The article centers on the hot topic which is about fidget cube Walmart. The author is going to compare the holy crystal the compression magic cube or the 12 sided physique against the six sided one or the fakie cube, the content will be the review to look at all the sides differently.

Today we’re going to take a look and compare the holy crystal the compression magic cube or the 12 sided physique against the six sided one or the fakie cube, basically, we’re not going to compare them, because they look different and they’re both very different things except that they have the same purpose.

But we’re going to put this one to the side and we’re going to review this one, so we’re going to get this out of the boss like this and it comes with some instructions that we’re not going to read and we’re going to pop this out, put the box to the side and everything else to the side.

We’re going to give this cube a nice review, so here all the sides here, you can see, it’s quite an interesting looking cube, I have to say so, we’re going to take a look at all the sides differently, so we have a switch and it’s like an on and off switch.

As you can see, it even has the Trenholm, put good lighting in here, but it’s not working here for me, are you going to adjust the brightness? So here’s the on and off switch, it’s a little bit loud, but I would say it’s satisfying, it even says off and on or whatever you want to call it.

These are nice, I thought they would have a clicky sort of thing like this one, obviously not this one, because it doesn’t click, but maybe for the fake, the lower quality video gives these clicks, I thought about these, we’re going to click too.

But they don’t, but they’re nice, I enjoy these a whole lot, this one is a little bit more stiff than these two, so we move on to this nice little this good-looking button here, it’s the material, you can squeeze it into this rubber, but it’s a button, but it’s rubber, so it’s interesting.

These are cool, so these are basically rubber, they’re exactly what they look like, so you can rub your finger in there and it feels awesome, this is cool, what can we say? It does that kind of stuff, we’re having something issues. But this is cool, this is nice.

Next, we have these little minions, I guess you call them the rubber, they’re fun, so you use whatever you want with these things, I’m probably going to be beating the crap out of them that, they’re flying play around this like that.

I guess you can squeeze them, you can pull on them, you can chew them, but I’m not going to do that, here’s the breeze, I guess it’s plastic, it’s smooth, I guess for you to put it down, I guess, but I wouldn’t fidget with this having all these different things for you to fidget with this string, you can stretch it out and you do whatever you want with this.

You can use it to carry it around, you can see here, I’m not sure if I went over this one, but it’s cool, it’s like juristic, but it’s rubber, like the three minions here, a bigger and more movable part of this, so the joystick, this is cool, this is nice, already move so much better than the fidgets cube itself.

So the 50 cube only does so much, this one moves more like an Xbox, I guess you can say so, it’s so much more satisfying here, we have the gears, we have more gears, don’t click, but that’s fine, you can play around with this, we have four buttons here, they all move the old, not like the fidget cube that two of them are silent.

These two are silent, this all works here, this is interesting, it is something different, it doesn’t have it, you click it, it works and you can also turn, it’s turning off volume like turning the volume on, turning the radio on, turning the volume up, turning it down, this is good, this is nice.

I enjoy this one, so I think it’s correct, all of them, it is definitely big, my hands are small, but this is definitely bigger than the fidgets cube as you can definitely tell, but at the end of the day, I would say that if you’re not going to get it.

Obviously, this is a fake frigate cube and there will be plenty more fake ones out there, I would say my take on, if you aren’t going to get a fake frigate cube like this, this is a high quality one, but it’s fake, so if you’re not going to is the ante labs fuji-q, I would suggest you not get this at all, take that off your list and get yourself a 12-sided fidget cube.

Because this thing has so many more things, you can play around with it, most of them are a lot more satisfying like the joystick is a lot more satisfying than the joystick by the fidgets cube itself, because it moves it along emotional around a lot nicer.

So my take on this now is to get yourself fish, I know it’s a little bit more expensive than the fake frigid cubes, it’s this one, I got it for $13 off eBay and I got the Fuji cube for ten, but I am still trying to get my hands on the real fidget cube.

But I would still say got your wait to get this, it’s completely worth it to completely with the 13 dollars might be a little bit cheaper, but at the end of the day, this is a lot better, it’s a lot nicer, it’s a lot more satisfying, there’s a lot more, I mean a date, more bang for your buck.

Because you get a twelve sides for you to fidget with it, so that’s my take on this, I hope you found this video useful and I hope you get yourself one of these, so for now, this is me on a person signing off, thank you so much for your time.

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