5 Dollars and 10 Dollars Fidget Cube From Walmart Com

Description: The article is about comparison of quality of fidget cube. The author uses three fidget cubes as examples, which shows how to play around with them. It is good shopping suggests for selecting of fidget cube in terms of quality and price.

I have these cool fidget cubes toys from Walmart. I have red black one with me,and that is white pink one.I also have this one which is blue white. These are about 5 dollars, which are bought from Walmart. The black one is $10,which is better quality, and I also have a pink one.These package are different, I am going to show you all the differences of these stuff in terms of quality.

Before we get started, I am going to shout out some people from YouTube and some people from SnapChat, because I promised them to do so.

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Before we get start, I am going to open some of these packages, but not all of them. I am going to show you what they look like. It is a quick view of three of them today. Check out my Instagram, if you are not following me. It is Q prime same as my YouTube.

This one is called a BUSY BLOCK.This is what the packaging looks like. It says strengthens focus, and it is a hand held toy which relieves stress and eases boredom. You can take it anywhere.There is six sides to play.You can flip it,roll it,spin it, click it and swivel it.This packaging gives warning that the token have small parts, which are not for children under three years old. It means that children who are three years old can play with this one. On top of package, it shows ages 15 plus for suitable use.The brand name is Vibe.

This one is FIDGET CUBE,which is made by Ansty Labs.It has plastic package with some usage guide on it. It says you can roll it, breathe it, flip it ,spin it,glide it, and click it with six sides.It shows six things that you can do here.The bottom of package gives the brand name of Zuru with warning of this not for children under three years.

By comparison, these two package boxes are different. It is easy for us to use the left hand side one. The right hand one shows what you can do with it. We also have this black one, which shows the same plastic packaging. These pink white one and those red black one are the same packaging as the one with brand name of BUSY BLOCK.

We are going to be comparing these and see which one is a better quality. Let’s start with our joystick part. The joysticks of those three toys are not in the same height.It depends on what kind of person you are. The tallest joystick moves around a little bit more. I like it more, but you may like the shortest one, if you want to slide around with a little disk. The middle one moves all right,but it makes some noises.

Let us flip the cubes and they are all on the same side again. It is hard to see on the video for the black one, because it is black in color,but I think the black one is cool, because the original fidgets cube is black.

I am sure everything is the same when you look at them.Now let us start with these, and then we will do our click buttons later. Here is the little dot which you can swivel on.This is bigger than that one.You can twist around well for this, that gets stuck. Let us try the last one.It is nice and smooth.

We have these little teeny levers. This one moves smoothly.The black one has jagged bumpy lines, and that all moves more smoothly.The first one makes more noise, so I like the black one better. They each got a point.Let us flip them to the other side.You can put your thumb there, and it is marked by the company name.

Now let us do our switches, see which one is better.Let us see here is our first one.Our first one would be nice when you push it. It depends on how hard you push it.

The next one takes not more strength, but it is harder to push down.This little tiny switch is smaller. It sees comparison in size, the black one has the little switches, and the switch of blue one is hard to push down.

Now look at buttons on each cubes.This pink color is pretty, but it is frustrating me, because it makes a cook.The black one is better, You could use it to hold and blow there.You can look at what the design is.When you do the below, the air will come back at you.

The last part is a little twisty part. It has the same on all sides and has a little dot to start them off.Let us start with this pink one,it is hard to do until you get right here.The blue one is nice and smooth all the way around. Let us try our black one,it makes some jagged sound. I think the blue one is better, and nice and smooth.

I hope you enjoyed for reading this story.

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