Fidget Cubes And Nickeloden Slime At Walmart Com

Description:The story is about a girl who is doing video show on YouTube. She and her younger friends went to Walmart and were looking around for shopping new toys. At last she found fidget cubes at Walmart, and it surprised her.

Dear friends,welcome back to my channel.Today we are here around Walmart. Karilion and I decide to come here, because we want to see things.We are here at Walmart.We are going to be looking at the toys, and see whether there are some new toys.I had some fidget cubes the other day, and I don’t know whether Walmart has it or not myself.I do not want to get too excited.

We are going to do water things at school tomorrow.I would like to see the pool stuff. I am going to look at some sorts of water things.We are going to have those stuff.That is cute for Maria Solis.There is some goggles here. It is fun.I am going to look at one of these at this place. What is it like? It is fun. It is for a nanny.You can sit in there and take floating.

Look at how cute those are for Marine,and I mean Mermaid.It is so cute. On the event of Marine what she is like be floating. It is mermaid,and what would be like when you are wearing that?

Look at this surf things.You have surf thing,and it is like a blow-up,like a flamingo with pineapple on it. I do not know my mother likes pineapples. I am looking at a marine thing. There is also a burger beach board. That is weird things.

Look at that Nickledon slime things here. I think they have it here before. There is splat things.We did get some of these before. We are going to get some today. We are doing a gift swap with someone. Hopefully,they are not watching this.You could get a trap if they are watching this. We are going to get it, and it is supposed to be a surprise. My hair is all tweaked up, a smaller one.We can receive swapped gift.It is about $3.97.This slime is good.We are probably get one or two.I am not sure that my mother said we are going to get some slime.

Look at this.Maria is watching it.Here is Maria.I am going to say hello to Maria and her Nanny.She is watching the toys in the Family Channel like Sheila. She is on my favorite YouTuber and I love her.When I first started my YouTube channel, I always used to watch her, because I want to start a YouTube channel for a while.I would pretend every time. I had a toy which I was reviewing.I would watch her while I did it.

Here are the glues,but they are not too many here. They have some red glitter glue.This glue is washable.Look at what is happening,and what is going on? It has gone.They will have some shop again back here,and we are going to keep it.I said we would like to have some spear, but it runs away.

The toys around here is Bora and Toys Python.It shows the slime spot, but it does not have baking soda or baking powder in context in one solution. That is the other one,which does have baking soda.It will have everything on. Look at $1.77 for these glue,it would be wonderful. Look at how much it is. There are no baking sode and baking powder over here.It is maybe on the other side.Get some clear glue, we are always good on clear glue but it’s not so much baking sode and baking powder over here.

We are now in the toys and are looking at these cool floating things. It is a pool lounger which looks like an ice-cream in shape. This is six feet long,and it is like a hot sauce in shape. There is a piece of bacon shape, which is weird.A cupcake would be cool by floating on it in the water. I do not think we are looking for anything here, but whatever we can find would be nice.

Look at these little tape, and it has the road design on it.You roll it out and then you can put your hot wheels on it and pretend it is like a racetrack.You can design your own racetrack at home by using these tapes.

Let us look at the shop again and see if they have anything new. Look at these shop doll rolling back to$9.88, and these are usually like $15. We have this from Korea shop around $10,which is cheap coming down like this.There are little sets that have been magically new things. I remember I have these magic minimal at home,but I never open it.If you want to buy that, it is cute. There are little animals and foods and stuff in it,so you can use these parts to design your own toys.

We saw this on TV and we should get this Foot wash.This is called Nail Science Kit. You design it,and you dry it. All that is perfect. We wanted to get that doll for starts.Look at those Barbie dream things, which is cute.We could get it only for $10.

We are going to go and look for something for dinner.Before we go, I think I will look at the back wall and see what they have.Let us go, I suppose my mother’s car is now waiting for me.

I will try to show you to find a quick way back on the shelf right here, but let us get some dinner. What are they having for dinner at Walmart? What do you have for dinner? We are going to see what there is. It usually depends on what we want and what they have.

My mother wants me to come down here.There is a crazy toy around here, that is interesting. Look at it here. There are lots of fidget cubes. I do not know I could find fidget cube at Walmart. They are nice colors and only $5 for each. Here is yellow one, pink one, blue one, black red one, pink white one and gray one.Look at how cute they are, and I like pink one.My friend Shally used to have one of those.

For dinner we are going to eat Chicken Alfredo Noodle with some broccoli and some vegetables. I think she knows where noodles are, she moves over there and is going to show me at the end of the video.

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