Fidget Spinner Hunt At Walmart Com Fidget Cube And Fidget Spinner

Description: This article is about a story of shopping experience of a boy. The boy goes to Walmart to buy fidget cube and fidget spinner. When he comes to home, he and his friend exchange their experience regarding of using those toys.

The young boy came to the Walmart and did some shopping experience. He did not know where he could find the fidget cubes and fidget spinners. His friend asked him to find some help from the supermarket assistant. With some help and directions from shop assistants, he finally found what he wanted He was excited with what he found.

The boy said “The fidget spinner is out of sales, there are more fidget cubes in store”. The boy also bought cotton sugar, he liked it. He was eating the cotton sugar in Walmart. His friend made fun with him and asked him what he was eating during the shopping. The boy told his friend the food name of what he was eating when they were walking in Walmart. They found that it was interesting and they were laughing at each other. Then they went to check out points and paid for what they got.

In car park of Walmart, they checked out what they got again. They were excited with the toys of fidget cube and fidget spinner. Then they drove home. The boy was eating cotton sugar all the way home and was feeling happy.

After they were getting home, they opened the boxes. The fidget cube is a toy with six sides. The fidget spinner is a toy which can be spun around within two fingers hold. This is the first time for them to have those two toys.

The fidget cube has ball, switch, button, joy stick and so on. You can use your hand to play around with it. It can strengthen focus and ease boredom. The boy liked it and he showed his friends how to play with it.

The fidget spinner has two sides, one side is blue and the other sides is green. There is a bar, which could hold the the fidget spinner in the middle, so it could turn around and spine quickly. They both liked these two toys, and happy with what they bought.

Then they talked about those two toys. The boy had no preference, which one of the two toys were better, but his friend preferred to choose the fidget spinner. The boy’s friend thought the fidget spinner could easily be played around, and it was more interesting.

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