New Fidget Cubes Abd JoJo Bows At Walmart Com

Description: The story is about a young girl who likes to go to Walmart for shopping. In the shop, she likes to try different things. She likes JoJo Bow, and fidget cube. She gives us some good advice on selecting staff at Walmart.

We were walking to the party stuff at Walmart.They have JoJo Silver Bow that one marker shows $5.47 respectively. It is like $5.00 or so.

They have no pink one and another before.We never had this blue holographic one.I do not know what that is.It is like a holographic holowinit. Look at that this pink one.These new ones that have never been out is a cow governor.

It is $5.47 for these exclusively at Walmart.The world most cheapest JoJo Bow is here today at Walmart. I am not kidding it. This is probably the cheapest place to have this limited edition.

This one is exclusively at Walmart. I mean here let us show you.This one is limited edition exclusive at Walmart.You can not get this one anywhere else, I will show you these on the little tiny sequence. You do not know one,but I like ads. A little tiny sequence are the pink ones. I mean this is cute.

Look at this,it is a cute one.This is the pink one. This is the one that I like.A blonde look is weird. You have that one but look at some in screen playing.Theses are JoJo Bow to wear if you got a birthday coming up. All these ones down here on the bottom are still be for birthday girls.This one is cute, but that is beauty girl fun obviously.

I can get that one,which has a cupcake.This one is so cute, because it has a little pineapple and flamingo. We got that one. It will do from a Walmart all of these things, because they’re so cute. This silver one is what I used to call. It goes fling, but you are yelling at me in the comments.I stop that. I do not see what is like. It is not slinging.

Look at this,it is like a different material. This material is bendable and can former nice hair. Look at Murray eyes, is her hair in a high ponytail today? I usually try to do that, like half your hair down in two ponytail. It will be like this. Ponytails usually puts to most social circle lines. These pink ones will match with this big ball right here, we can be matching, but hers will be falling like yours.

Look at those new JoJo Silver Bows at Walmart. They even have exclusive one again.This one speaks Co I guess. Let us make this a full-on video and look at more suitable right now. Go and look at this place. You are having more tangible for anything, which are surprising here.

I do not know that they can mellitus. You are used to quote.You have to find that, and they have series one. There num noms whatever accompanies for not so. These are only for four dollars and four dollars only.

They have more cross zero blind bags, there are some blind bags.They have the Bob’s burger stuff here,and I want to do it. Where was I now? I am not looking for anything, but they had all those cute JoJo Bow suitable and they are so cute looks. They have a full ocean flowing back.

Let us go on run other aisle and see what else they have. Look at this price up and a half. Look at their few things. They have these little stickers and there is a pair of shoes and the church.These ones are highlighting here. There is different Mo’s Up there to have little cute pink tails. It is like a headband with two little girls. I am in total hits a fold-up pop all the cubes JoJo’s juice.

I am confident honestly that there is a photo background.It looks like you could be with her for tenure. You got nail polish here and this is appealing mailbox door I love. It is filled with nails. It often got some lip gloss in, which is slippery. Look at the cute designs on there. These are some party cups too.

Look at this one, it is like following your dreams,which has a cute little bow and the ice cream and all that marine was appealing. That is JoJo’surf well for you to wear. This is one of the cheapest place to get these bows. They are $5.47.

Here is self of fidget cube,which is arranged and stored neat.Look at these blue one,and also some pink ones, which are all in different packaging. This is definitely lit at Walmart.That is going to be in my video for today probably, because it looks so neat.It is so lit,I am showing you the different way to put the fidget cube on the selves.

I never got a chance to let my mother see that.She could do those for me tonight.

We are going to go to the electronics and the fishing stuff and see what they have. Look at all this new my life stuff of what they have. This is a swimming suit.This is a pineapple bathing suit,which is so cute. Look at that, it is so adorable. You can put this bathing suit on your dolls.It would be looking nice for them.

It is the shorts in the top, some sandals, a little headpiece. I am showing from my mother. This is so cute. there is the baby one. These are a lifeguard one.It is a cute pineapple bathing suits which would be fit with my doll,so I take this out.

There is a 74-cent glue somewhere,which could hide the nail. It is for a tiny nail, but not for the nail polishes, look at they have fool all to have some clear only glue to have this glue all and then a large almost are not large, but so there’s coast guard school which has started against to starting three months or two months from that.

We should do some glitter glue testing for crazy art works. The glue works for some time,maybe the glitter glue will work for that too.

I am saying clothes and now going to have a look at it.Look at this airial one is this poppy one there shopkin ones – the ones that we have from justice are playing they like keep their like rainbow more like holographic it’s pretty cool, so she’s Hello Kitty ones well, this one is a Grammy, it looks like water p cool, that is cool water so mochi ones look if you have this one and then this is execute little designed Daddy’s pool capris.

I’m wearing capris if I dream up meat also looking for Mother. I give you dollars, you’re sober you know hence the whole anyways real estate two legs delay, she’s a lad, don’t worry, if it’s not my heart, I’m here.

I have no idea what she’s looking at clothes, she found some cheeto puffs.

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