You Will Not Believe What I Found In Walmart Com Walmart Fidget Cube Challenge

Description: The story is about a boy who would like to introduce you how to make money in a new way. You can have fun with your friends by doing shopping together. You also can make money by building up a softball team.

The story is about a group of boys who came to Walmart to try to find baseball kit and fidget spinner. Matt is in the passenger seat. His friend makes fun of him and called him “Mr Wait What”.

They went into the shop. The young boys are selecting clothes for base ball usage. He found that someone were not nice because the tag on some clothes has been ripped off. He believed someone disrespected the clothes brand of Tommy.

Then he started to look for some toys from trash bags, he found some interesting parts. They were laughing each other at shop by using some toys to play around each other. They thought it looked funny with some toys and balls.

One person was trying to hide in the self, not let his friend to find him. They are going to buy somethings. The boys were going to show you the pickups today.There was that bag of toys . They got two softballs from it right away.

One of the boy said, “I need somebody to tell me what this man is offer. I got this Marge right here and I need you to tell me what shows this offer?”

Then he said, “I know what it is, but I just can not think of the show name. Please someone tell me. I also got this stitch right here with forearms. We thought that dollar general Dennis family we needed.”

They went to the Mall of Mount Pleasant Texas. “I haven not been here in a very long time actually.Let us see what your boy cops. I plan on spending my entire bankroll for keep the ice charger though”the boy said

At this shop, the boy picked up a car toy, which is a famous brand. The boy thought he would like to see that movie about this car. Obviously this car is appealing to your guys who like movies. He said, “I want to see the movie so bad, please call Firebird. I didn’t hear it any high score.Now somebody come be fleet escort all right”

The boys got a master ball run. They are no luck on finding a fidget spinner, so they can not waste their time coming here. But they thought it was an adventure for them.

They said, “We’re going home now all right. I was low key hoping that they have a good disciplinary here. But over the looks of it they don’t so.”

They are back in Dollar General because boys need to buy some spray paint for a project. He is doing all right to check this out okay. So they ran there, they had to buy spray paint right away.

The lady from check-out told them that they are not allowed to buy those things before they can provide their ID for her. You can’t buy it all right. The boy pulls out the ID and said that I’m 18 years old. She answers that you have to be 30 years old

The boy told her I’ll come back in 12 years. At last she let boys buy it. She just made fun with the boys. As long as young guys are 18, it is allowed to buy those things. The boy thought that’s crazy for the rule of 30 years old.

It is too windy and it is hard to hear what the boy said. He felt sorry for that. They are out here in the fields. He felt sorry for the weird jumpy transition. He got home and then came straight out here.

They started to play baseball. Some one made scores, and some one missed it. They are laughing in the field. They had two teams. They were running around on the field, and some one hit the ball and got the goal. On the other hand, some one hits nothing. At last one team won the game. The score is 12 to 1.

Then they came back on the road again. The boy exchanged seat in the car. “Mr. Wait What” took the driver role. The other guy became a passenger. They talked about the game, score and who won the game etc. The boy used the camera to record of the game, but unfortunately the camera is out of battery. He could not record the whole game on site.

It’s already getting late when he arrived at home. The boy has a three minute essay to write, but he probably is not going to write it tonight. He felt lazy and tired, he decided to write those essay tomorrow. He did not know whether he can finish the essay tomorrow, but he just want to see how it goes. Hopefully he can finish that on time.

After showering, the guy came up again. He asked somebody who is watching his show to do a favor for him. He carried some works for a girl on Ebay who is selling fidget spinner. She needed the boy introducing five people to her for shopping. If five people bought the fidget spinner, the boy will get free one.

He suggested you can do the same way, that is, introducing five people to buy five fidget spinner, then you get free for yourself. Those five people may come from your softball team, or it might come from your social circle.

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