Fidget Spinner at Walmart Com $4.97 Fidget Ninja

Description: This article is going to be about the $4 Walmart fidget spinners, it is going to be talking about the model, the durability, how to play it as a stress reliever.

Today we’re taking a look at the $4 Walmart fidget spinners.

As you can tell, right on the packaging, this stress reliever toy can be used mostly for any age as recommended by the package four years enough because of the small pieces that could be swallowed by a younger person and going from a toy to a choking hazard.

This particular model is a basic design which consists of four bearings and two finger placement caps for each side, they come in various colors. The price is $4.97, you have to walk yourself to the store but at the same time you avoid shipping fee for a minimum spent for free shipping.

It surprised me with the first thing I almost got three minutes, it does average out at about two minutes and 40 seconds which is pretty good for the price. And suffering from anxiety, I can see how it is a mechanism to release nervous energy or stress, a simple time consumer or a toy, but it is definitely a talking piece.

The great thing is that it is easy to master and as you get better, you can add tricks by one finger hold task from one hand to the other, place it in any surface and just watch it spin. Overall, I give this item two thumbs up for the price and it actually works

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