Fidget Spinner at Walmart Com and Jewel Osco Fidget Spinner

Description: This is a comparison between Walmart fidget spinner and Jewel Osco fidget spinner, the author is going to share the features of each spinner and the tests on durability and quality.

Today I have one fidget spinner from Walmart and another from Jewel Osco, I’m going to put the two together and going to compare the build quality, the materials and the packaging to see which one is more durable.

First, the one from Walmart has no packaging, it only has this little sticker. The one from Jewel Osco has a package, but it is almost the same thing. This Walmart one has metal weights with no bearings, while this one from the Jewel has the bearings, but it is not so good.

As you can see, the one from Walmart seems to be heavier and the metal fits in very well. They both spin very well. But there are some imperfections on the Walmart one, there is a little burr on the plastic, and there are some scratches on the metals as well and there is a little crack on the cap as well, but none of them matters. For the one of Jewel, there isn’t much of the imperfections.

Now let’s take off the cap and see the inside of it, now as you can see, they are very similar. One is gray and another is brown, except for that, they have the same amount of balls, and the same size of the bearings. Then we will do a little spin test and drop test to see the durability and which one lasts longer.

Now you can see they can spin over three minutes and the Walmart one can last longer than the Jewel Osco one. So this depends on the bearings and the balls. But overall, the one from Walmart is much better than the other on the quality time test. Now let’s do a little durability test. So they are almost the same on the durability test.

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