Walmart Fidget Spinner at Walmart Unboxing Review And Durability Test

Description: This is a review about the fidget spinner in Walmart including the unboxing, quality time test as well the durability test.

I got this fidget spinner from Walmart, so I think I’m going to do a review about this.

As you can see there is no any boxes here, there is only a sticker here says spin me, long lasting spend time, hand fidget spinners and some of the warnings on the back as well as the manufacturer. So let’s unbox it, all we need to do is to take the stickers off.

Then only thing that is different from other spinners is that it has three metal weights here, and they fit in perfectly, it doesn’t seem to be getting out. Another thing is that there is a pressure mark on the plastic, and it fits in very well, it won’t come out too easy. Now I cap it off, you can see there are steel cage, steel balls. There is nothing different.

Now I have my phone here with the stop watch and I’m going to count the time to see how this thing works. So it can spin over a minute and a half. Now we are going to see how durable this product is, now we can see that it is not too bad but it is a little fragile.

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