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Worst Fidget Spinners At Walmart Fidget Spinner Review

Description: This passage is about empower-retirement-login in which the author will introduce the worst fidget spinner. This is a fidget spinner for kids. This fidget spinner is cheap and they do not hold up well. The weight on the fidget spinner kept falling out and this fidget toy scratches easily. Also, the ball bearing started falling out on me.

I have found the worst fidget spinner ever. I figured I’d talk to you about that today. Because this is honestly probably the first one that I’ve had although my father had something else that I’m going to review tomorrow. This one is horrible.

First of all this is where I give you my unedited hopefully more authentic reviews of the products that I like to use, have and catch. It was Mardi Gras. I find it in my attic. I saw someone throw up box about that big and I was like a fidget spinner.

The lady threw it to me and I caught it. I was surprised. I caught it with one hand while of logging it. If you want to check that out I’ll link it up in the cards. But this is what I got. This is a rainbow-colored fidget spinner. I have to say this is the worst fidget spinner I’ve ever seen.

First of all if you want a fidget spinner, you’re interested in finishing spinners, I’ll link them up down and I’ll link some cool ones up down in the the description below. You can check those out. But my wife is a schoolteacher whenever we went to one of her school functions there was a student outside playing with this thing in his hand.

What is that? I’ve never seen it before and never heard about it. And then all of a sudden like a couple days later fidgety spinners are all over the internet, all over YouTube and Instagram. What everything in the world is going on with the world today?

I guess this would be my second one. We’re going to review this thing. It’s like Biden’s thing. I’ll link it up down below. It’s not going to be any good. I definitely recommend you getting a better one. But the first thing that I noticed about this fidget spinner was that after the kids had it they played with it for a little bit in the back seat of the car, I found one little black weight fell out of it.

Because it comes out ridiculously easy. It didn’t spin as well. It wasn’t balanced. It didn’t work as well. You can push it back in except you’re going to lose it very easily if it gets slammed down.

The second thing that I noticed about this spinner is that it’s got a ton of scratches and the paint will come off. Let’s find out. I’m going to try it with my nail first. It’s not doing it with my nail. Let me get a fork. It’s definitely making a mark. I don’t know how these scratches got here in particular on this part. I don’t know where that came from but it seems like if you’re going to get a fidget spin, you want to get something that’s going to look decent.

The third thing that I noticed about it is that the ball bearing which is a part in the middle. It is called a ball bearing if any of you or if your kids are watching. That’s what spins the fidget spinner. This one sucks. It’s supposed to spin for not hours but minutes.

I can barely get a couple of rotations on this thing. It is a so horrible fidget spinner. Do not recommend this one. I don’t know how this ball bearing got messed up. This part lifted on this side but on this side it’s not lifted. I don’t know if it needs to be hammered back. I need something to put this. Remember our review of our paper towel holder. What I’m going to do is to put this down and to lift it up a little bit.

I guess this is almost how to fix a fidget spinner. I need something to where I didn’t have the bottom of the belt ball bearing sitting on top of the table and I guess when you take our fort that fix it. I guess this is how to not fix a spinner. I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t know it happened look like we got a little bit more of a gap.

This thing will probably be trashed very soon. It’s a terrible fidget spinner. If you want to see a good fidget spinner probably the best fidget spinner that I’ve come across, I’m going to link it up in the cards and down in the description below. Make sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to learn more of the reviews.

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