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Fidget Spinner Walmart Claw Hacks

Description: The article is about fidget spinner claw hacks. It shows us how to grab a fidget spinner or a doll correctly.

I am going to show you how to hack these crane games in order to win pretty splitter and so on. We will do this and I will show you how to do it in the wrong way. Then I will start with this machine. It has a whole bunch of capsules with prizes and little doll coins. It’s going to make some music, don’t be alarmed ear.

You’re doing a thing and you want to grab a prize and then you want this little dolphin, so you grab down and we will grab up. It’s not going to pull anything. The reason of that is that you can’t hack it. Here’s the right way how you win.

Grab your coin, hold all these three down for three seconds, and now grab your coins. Do not put the coins all the way through, but put it halfway to get it back out, which will make you win a hundred percent of the time. We will do it together. Now the hack has been activated, all you want to do is to go and grab something random. It’s going to grab it automatically, so we will go for a hook for these capsules.

You back up, you didn’t get it right. But the thing is that we can still move it. You have a limited amount of try, so no matter what you do or if you mess up, it’s still going to work. Hold on and now it is very bad to go and there you have it. I hooked on one of the dolls here with the string and I hooked one of the capsules, so it’s two on one prize-winning spats.

I get a little dodgy as well as these little dolls. They are a little bit heavy, but I get the capsules out. How do I get these dolls? I’m going to do a little bit of Tetras and it will be easy for you to drop. It is too big and that’s not fair. You can go and grab it from the bottom, because technically you win, so that is how you set it into hockey mode.

We learn how to do that, so we will go to the big boys. We’re going to try to land one of these fitted spinners. In the same way, hold it for three seconds, if you want to turn off the music, you hold it and shift it upwards. That will disable the music, because the music is very annoying. Same way with the coin half way and don’t put it all the way, it’ll set it into a limited tries slash hacking mode.

Now we can see the lights are on and the music’s off, so all you want to do is to grab it in the center. We will pull it up in the center and you may be fidgety. We will do this again, hold it for three seconds upwards disable the music, and put it down, let them be and she knows you need a limited tries, and the same thing with the coins.

The light should light up here to know it’s activated and now it is done. We will try to aim for this orange one, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it the first time, the machine is going to give you so many tries for this one, and then we go down and then you should be able to lamp it up. You should grab it and grab the little one.

What you want to do here is to clamp it, all you want to do is to clamp it there, and now go up and go left. Same concept we get off, now drop it. We get ourselves an orange one this time. It is very good. Hope you enjoy today’s thing and I hope you use this lesson, and this hikes well. So if you see one of these machines in the arcades or anywhere random, that is how you hack them and see you.

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