Walmart Fidget Spinner at Walmart Com and Amazon Fidget Spinner The Ultimate Test

Description: The following materials are primarily going to mention the comparisons between Walmart and Amazon fidget spinners. We may see the characteristics of those ones from different examples.

We got something to fit spinners, this is going to be a Walmart versus Amazon fidget spinner comparison video. I’m going to be seeing which one works better.

This one has steel bearings and this one has the other kind of bearings, let’s get into the speed test, so we’ve got the Amazon, we’re going to be testing the Walmart widgets.

What I want is my point background, otherwise, I have outdoor background, I have to say those were some crazy results, the Amazon spinner spawn for a minute 50 seconds, the Walmarts pair spawn for around a minute 51 seconds, so they were so close.

I thought we might go over a few other things that may help us to determine which one is the better spinner. I’m going to be trying to see which one makes more noise.

I’m going to hold it up, the Amazon one is making a more subtle sound and then the Walmart one is making Austin italic late metal-on-metal noise, it seems all the bearings are hitting back and forth against each other.

This is the inside of the Amazon fidget spinner with the steel bearings and this is the inside of the Walmart fidget spinner which you can tell the bearing size is different, it’s a different type of bearings, I forgot the name right now.

Overall, I thought the Green Amazon spinner would have spun the longest, I can’t believe that the Walmart one spun for longer than the Amazon one, but that’s got to wrap up the video.

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