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Fidget Spinner Testing At Walmart And Review By Kepler

Description: The following article mainly concentrates on giving us several information about the key topic which is about fidget spinners at walmart. The content below shows us about the tests of the fidget spinner, from which we can see its functions and the ways to play it.

Here’s the next spigen spinner up for review, it’s from Kepler, I bought it on the spinette excite and I noted that it came in, it has its nice dent on the front of it where another tin is banged into it, so my tin is not in perfect condition, when I got it, but this is irrelevant, this is the prism cool looking spinner in the shape of a triangle and it comes with an extra bearing, that’s all the extras you get with it.

It’s got little tritium slots in the bars that go across and this little strange spaceship like form, I don’t know what you would call it on the outside, any case, it looks cool, the buttons are nice, it’s got this Pentagon shape inside of it, it’s easy to throw, it is easy to pull the bars, stop you from getting your finger too close to the button, so it’s not a perfect feel, but still a good feel and this one’s made of stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and that’s the one I’m going to test out.

Next, there’s a good view of it and we’re going to start the testing now, so basically what we have here with the prism by Kepler is basically a good bearing and very lightweight, you’ve got an average spin time of six minutes and seven seconds, it was consistent depended, not depending on how it was held, it didn’t matter that much a little bit longer vertically than horizontally.

I scored a good long spend time, but not the longest, the reason is that it’s obvious that it doesn’t weigh very much, he only weighs 54 grams, so it’s a light spinner, if you like light spinners that aren’t going to get incredible spin times, but good spin times, this is the one for you, I could tell that the bearing was very good, because it was going very slowly, it kept going and going, that’s the hallmark of a good bearing.

If it keeps going and going out, I’ve been at a very slow speed, so it does have a good bearing, it has a cool button Pentagon shaped very easy to hold on to easy to play with fun, it has this interesting design which looks like a spaceship, you might see out of Star Wars, but it’s cool, I’m glad to have it, it costs 40 to 99 on the spinette expanders website, it’s spinette ik, spinners calm and $42.99 which is very good price for this, so that is the prism by Kepler.

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