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New Fidget Spinner Kits at Walmart Vlog So Many Combinations to Make From One Fidget Spinner Walmart Net

Description: This article is going to be talking about the new fidget spinners at Walmart which has many replacements.

We are at Walmart to try to look what new toys they have. They have the new digit spinner that has replaceable centers and you can replace the cap, which is very cool, and they have different ones, this one has flowers on the cap, this one has emoji and soccer ball.

I think I’m going to buy this silver one with the metallic material. You can see here, you only need to spend $5.99 for two of them. You can buy two of these for $10 with a bunch of replacements. These premium fidget spinners cost $7, they are in a different shape, down here you can see they have lighter ones, over here they have fidget cubes.

Now we are going to unbox the custom fidget spinner that we bought, it comes with the two fidget spinners, six wheels and nine caps, we are going to open it up and see if it can switch on. This fidget spinner look pretty and it has a lot of details on it. It spins smoothly and it is really light, but it makes some noise.

This is what it looks like after we take everything out, the caps and wheels were stuck in there but we finally got it out. There are many replacements with which you can do a bunch of commonly combinations.

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