Fingerlings Jail House Rescue with LOL Confetti Pop Surprises Walmart Com

Description: The following material contains the information about Fingerlings Jail House Rescue that can be seen from the walmart, the author mentions some details about it and the surprises which suddenly come out when they play.

With the top and the bottom with a skirt, that was a perfect landing, although it knocked over Nala, let’s find her outfit here, it will get her dressed up, then we’ll find out what her special ability is, she even has cute little freckles on her nose.

She is so awesome and adorable, then we get these cool white knee-high boots, let’s dunk her in the water and let’s see no color-changing here, let’s flip her over and give her a squeeze.

She’s a peach, it seems that the spit will come out of her mouth, but it doesn’t shoot out, it’s free.

It looks like it’s Marge, she’s trapped behind bars, who’s going to save her? She’s going to use her largest one, it is happy to be safe, how about the second blue house, let’s find out who’s inside?

It’s touchdown, she’s going to use her strong hand, it’s monkey here, finally let’s find out who’s in the sixth orange house, it’s our blue monkey, let’s get Maurice out, why is everyone farting now?

Our fingerlings wants to give our lol dolls some surprises, it seems like they gave them a unicorn keychain, that’s also a lip gloss, let’s get this open.

Let’s give us a smell, it smells like cherry, this is so cute, here is a giant leaf, let’s give her a spin, let’s open this up and see what systems we got, we have a little rainbow, who’s our girl? Let’s see where she’s from, she’s from Spain Valencia, she’s Susan Spain.

There are some pictures of Spain, let’s get her out, she has cute braided hair, her head turns, we can set her right there, let’s get this.

Next, this is a shimmery shine teeny cheese series 3, let’s open this up, who is this? It’s a boy, Zak, that’s right, let’s get the collectors guide out so that we can see where we pass.

I think this might be the first time the SEC has appeared in a teeny genies here, he is number 3 – 91 from twin magic, I don’t think if the first time he’s appeared in the teeny genies, but it’s the first time I’ve ever found him in the teen.

Here is a My Little Pony movie fashions, let’s find out if we can find a sea pony, she is a sea pony, look at her fin, how cute she comes with a little stand, so she doesn’t topple over.

Let’s see what lol confetti pop friend, let’s open it up, we got cherry bomb, your stickers, let’s get this open, we have blue glasses and we have a kitty cat.

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