Firefox Focus Com A Quick Review

Description: This passage is mainly focusing on the review of Firfox Focus which has recently been launched to meet the need of protecting privacy when browsing internet.

Firefox launched the focus web browser on IOS earlier which is focused on blocking and browsing internet in an anonymous way, you can visit websites and browsing the internet without your IP being tracked. Now this app is also available on Android with some added features. So we are going to be reviewing the Firefox Focus.

However, the sad thing about it is that it has left out the tab browsing feature, which makes this browser unusable for multitasking. But the simplicity and ability to load the app and open link faster is what this app is for.

This app is to meet the customer’s desire to greater internet privacy with ad blocking built-in at the tool. The app blocks asked by default which offers a seamless experience, it runs smoothly and is easy to use.

The home screen does not have any thing other than the bar to put in the URL, the settings include only a few options, you can change the language, the default search, block the ad trackers by turning on the option in the settings, and you can block analytic trackers, social content trackers and other content trackers.

There is a stealth mode which can be turned off to take screenshots, and also see recently visited websites. Finally, you have the option to make this browser your default browser. The ability of the browser to block ads is phenomenal, it shows you the number of assets that is currently blocking, it also saves you data and resources by blocking ads and properties.

When you open the website, it has an easy button to secure all cache and data source by the web browser, the app also keeps a notification icon running when the app is running in the background to remind you to clear your data. If the website you are trying to visit does not open properly when you are using the add blocker, you can simply switch it off.

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