Amazon Fire Stick Walmart Com Jail Broke Set up and for Sell $75

Description: The following content is mainly a tutorial about Amazon fire stick jailbroken in Walmart, containing the information on how to set up and log in to the Amazon account, it also introduces the classic TV app and the ways to install in the system.

This is a tutorial, once you purchase an Amazon fire stick, that’s been jailbroken, this is how you set it up, the first part of this is that once you plug it into your HDMI and connect it with your USB cable to a power supply, you’re going to access your internet.

I’m assuming that you have done that, you’re now in the part that you need to register either you create an Amazon account or you log in, we’re going to log in to my Amazon account, it shouldn’t take that long now.

I’m going to put the camera down for a second, so I can log in, it won’t take me that long and I apologize for this, I don’t want anyone logging in to my stuff, it will only take a minute, once you enter in an email address, it’s going to ask you for a password.

You want to give it your password, once you have done with the password, it’s going to say Amazon fire stick registration is successful, it’s going to tell you your name, you’re going to continue, it’ll ask you if you want to sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime.

You’re going to search for this app now, this app is called classic TV app, I’m currently using the voice search feature, let’s try that one more time, it should only take a second, my phone decided to go off on me.

I’m using my phone currently to control it, classic TV app, that’s what you want to get, once you find your classic TV app, this is the actual icon itself, it is a small classic TV, it says classic TV, you’re going to want to select it.

Once you selected, it’s going to install, you’re going to see all of your different options for all the different channels, you’re going to go to videos and add-ons, once you go to videos and add-ons, you have several different options.

Most people like live sporting events movies, we’re going to go to one of the popular ones, you can click on any of them, we’re going to go to movies and theaters now, some people will look a little different, but you get the idea.

Once we go to the theaters, we have the age of Ultron, we have the fast of the Furious 7, we have a hot pursuit, we have several things, we’ll go to the Avengers age of Ultron, once you click on that, you got to wait for it to finish working.

It won’t take that long, unfortunately, this is also dependent upon your internet speed, faster internet speed does allow it to work faster, slower internet speed does allow it to work slower, you have numerous different options to choose from.

I always select the first one to try it out, it’s opening it up, it’s still working, my Internet is not too fast, I have to run a lot of things off it, so I apologize for that and all these movies that are in theaters, the quality does vary sometime.

It’s HD quality, sometimes, it’s cam or camcorder quality, that all depends, the multiple options there, if your first option doesn’t work, you can always try the second, the third or the fourth, that’s why there are so many options.

All of these movies are streaming off of overseas servers, that one failed now, that is going to happen, we’ll go to the second one, this is a trial and error.

When it comes to certain things, due to the fact that we can’t see which ones are currently streaming, which ones are not streaming, so I’ll wait till the movie comes on, so you can see the final product now.

All of the apps work the same way, you go in there, it will be uploaded without any commercials, this does happen and this is the one issue that I hate about this.

Unfortunately, it’s trying to open up, it takes a little bit and I apologize for that, unfortunately, it’s not wanting to do it, let’s try one of the ones close to the bottom, let’s try this one and it’s working.

There are a lot of people streaming off of specific one and that can also cause you some problems, luckily, you have so many different options to choose from, you can see this is the Avengers to the age of Ultron currently in theaters.

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