What Is The Fire Stick TV ? How Does It Work and What Do I Need ? Walmart Com

Description: The article introduces two versions of Amazon fire stick in Walmart. We may know some procedures to test them in order to see how well it is operated and something we can gain from getting access to them.

What is the Amazon fire stick? There are two versions of the fire stick, the one to my left is the fire stick one, on my right is the fire stick two, they both operate the same, the second one is a little bit faster, it has a little bit faster processor.

When you are using the mouse, you don’t have that stutter, as far as streams, you could watch the same streams with both the 1 and the 2, 2 is a little bit bigger and it comes with the voice remote, but you can only use the voice remote part with the Amazon content.

You can use it with the Kodi program which I will talk about later, when you get the stick, you get to stick the remote, you also get a HDMI extender cable power brick and then batteries for your remote to use the stick.

You must have two things, a TV with HDMI and wireless internet, we talk about wireless internet, it’s also important to note the speed of your wireless internet, so I’m going to go over to my laptop.

To test your speed of your wireless, you can open up a web browser and go to speed 10 sniff, you can also download the app on your phone with its iPhone or Android phone, you can download the app, the speed test app, run a speed test, it’ll take less than a minute to run.

When you run, your test is going to give you a speed, so it’s necessary that you have at least 12 to 15 mega, the speed here in my house, I’m getting 76, it’s also important to note that you have multiple devices, that’s going to cut down on your speed.

If someone likes playing a game or watching Netflix or watching something else, while you’re trying to use five stick, your speeds will decrease, you don’t have to worry about the upload speed on this test, you won’t be uploading anything, you’ll be downloading, so download speed is important.

Once you plug in, you stick into your TV, this is what it will look like, so in a nutshell, going to add makes your TV smarter, you’ll be able to watch on Netflix, if you have a Netflix subscription sling, you can download apps for multiple TV providers Xfinity tnt NBA watch ESPN Disney Direct sports go Netflix and so forth.

The app that Smee loaded has all the free content as a program called Kodi, so in this app where you’ll watch all your movies and TV shows, everything inside this app is free, you cannot download this app from the Amazon App Store, it must be loaded onto it. Once it’s loaded, it has to be programmed to be able to watch all the free content.

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