FitBit Flex General Setup and Charging Tutorial Walmart Com

Description: This is a tutorial which is mainly focusing on the tutorial of setting up and charging of Fitbit.

So this is a tutorial which is mainly focusing on the setting up and charging of Fitbit. So in the box, you can see there is a charging cable, a USB which is use to sync the two items together, two wristbands, and a brain.

For the wristband, it feels like a metal clasp, you can push it in, which is very easy. Now on the wrist band, you can see a little window, that’s where you can put in the brain, make sure you put screen on the outside. Put one side in first, make sure the arrow is facing up and slide it in, at last push the other side down. To take it out, you push the down side and grab it out.

You put plug the USB into your computer, go to the website which is written on the manual that comes in the box and download the software. Once you download the software, you can plug the charging cable in to your computer, and put the brain in, the arrow faces down and the screen faces you, then you can hear a click.

Now I’m going to tell you when it is fully charged and how to tell if it has been fully charged. So after you have plugged in and connected it to the computer, you can see there are some lights blinking on the screen, when it is fully charged, then all five lights should be blinking on the screen. That’s how you know that it is fully charged.

The only thing that you are going to be aware of is that when you put the USB in, you have to sync the two together, you are going to tap the screen and you will see the lights blink, click yes on the computer, then you double click the brain and you will feel the vibration, click yes again on the computer and it is paired.

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