Fitbit Flex Walmart Com Unboxing and First Look Wireless Activity Sleep Wristband

Description: This article is going to be talking about the Fitbit flex activity tracker, which you can wear on your wrist and can give you up to five days of activity tracking.

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the Fitbit flex activity tracker. They are one of the originators in the space and they have been making tracking modules for a while, but this is the one that you can wear on your wrist and can give you up to five days of activity tracking which makes it compelling.

Now I want to tell you the reasons why you should buy this. If you are someone who sits in front of computer all day, you may get through your days without much activities, so this thing can help you keep track of your everyday exercise and remind you of how active and inactive you are, hopefully it can encourage you to get up and move around more often.

In the box, there is a Fitbit flex and there is another wristband in case that your wrist is thinner. And the thing that sets the Fitbit flex apart from other brands is that the module inside is removable, so if you wear out the wristband, you still can buy another one.

The brains are hidden inside the rubber, so when you charge it or change the wrist band, all you need to do is to pull out the brain and insert it into the specialized recharging cable, then plug that into any USB port or USB charger.

You have LED lights up on the top, it will give you all kinds of information and most commonly, it will tell you when you hit certain goals, for example, when you’ve burned enough calories, it will vibrate and the lights will flash.

So you have the module here if you want to sync with a computer otherwise it can use bluetooth to sync straight to your smart device and give you feedback on how active you have been.

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