Fitbit Walmart Com Charge 2 Real Life review Call and Notification Test

Description: This passage is going to do a test on call and notification which is a new feature of Fitbit charge 2 and see what is going on when receiving a message and a call.

So this article is going to a test on call and notification which is a new feature of Fitbit charge. On the box you can see, it says that it can be used for call and text notification, calendar alert and time and date, so we will have a look at it.

So now let’s open up and go into the software first, you have the option of notification, open up the notification, then you can see that there are three options, calls, text messages and calendars. For text messages, it will only give you the selected app. So select the application you want it to remind you and you will be offered two options, sender and the message or only the sender. For the call, it will vibrate and show you the name. Then set the setting.

So when someone send you a message, the band will vibrate once and if you want to see the message, you have to click and the screen light up, then you can see the message. The bad thing is that you can only see it once, when you light it up again, the message is gone. The good thing is that it supports long messages.

For the call notification, when someone calls you, the wristband will vibrate and you have to move your wrist a little bit to see who is calling, it will vibrate twice then it will stop. You can’t answer it or do anything except for being notified who is calling.

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