New Fitbit Charge HR 2 Unboxing and Setup Walmart Com

Description: This passage is going to unbox and set up the new fitbit charger 2 which was out several days ago, in this passage, you are going to see how to set up and charge the fitbit.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Fitbit charge version 2 which was out several days ago. So as you can see on the box, it is different from the previous one, it has a bigger screen. And on the bottom of the box, you can see that it says heart rate and fitness wristband, the pure pulse heart rate, all day activity and sleep, multi-sport tracking, smartphone notifications and newly added, interchageable bands.

It is water resistant and it works with the aria Wi-Fi scale, and you can connect it to the Mac and PC, on Apple, Android and windows devices. On the bottom, you can see stainless steel tracker black band, so they have it in black, blue, plum and rose gold. Now we are going to unbox it.

There is a wristband as usual, a manual as usual and underneath is a clip with charging pins with a USB port on the other end. So we are going to take a look at the wrist band, this is the screen, on the back you can see there is a clasp which can hold the band into place.

And at the connection place between the screen and the band, you can see the band can be taken off so you can change another. It has a single button on the left, we are going to press that, hold it and it says up.

So we are going to the fitbit app on the smart phone, click on account and hit setup device, click charge 2, turn on the bluetooth, agree the regulations, meet the charge, power on and it is searching for the device. Then it comes with a code, enter the code in your device and they are connected.

You press the button the wake up the tracker and page through the menu, there are different activities, stopwatch, relax, or you can hit the screen. You can double tap the screen and the turn your wrist to quick review. Here you have the sleep alarm, which you can set a time and it will vibrate to wake you up instead of making a loud noise.

When you put on the wristband, you can see the updated status on the smart phone. It will also vibrate when you receive a message or a call. And you can see that they have added a new feature called guided breathing sessions which is used to keep track of your breath.

Now when it comes to charging, that’s when the cradle comes into place, you take it off and line it up, when you hear a click sound, it is connected. Usually I put it onto the iphone charger, but you can also connect it to a computer or some other devices.

So then you are all set, you can also choose a screen that you like, click on syncing and it will be updated to the watch.

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