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Fitbit Walmart Charge 2 and Alta HR Review Comparison Which Is The Best Fitness Tracker ?

Description: This article is about fitbit Walmart. It makes a comparison between Fitbit charge 2 and the Alta HR to tell us which is the best fitness tracker in terms of their smart trackers and prices.

I’m Jeff Rizzo from Today we are doing a comparison of the Fitbit charge 2 and the Alta HR. These are two of the more popular devices from Fitbit. They’re both a hundred and fifty dollar activities and the smart tracker. We’re going to go over why you should buy one over the other.

We will talk about it. There’s only one big difference between these two. I mean the Alta HR has one main reason that you would get it over the other. They’re both activities and same tracker, so they both have tracker steps and calories burned and distance traveled in active minutes, at floors, climbed and they both have the wrists heart rate monitors. So it tracks your heart rate 24/7.

During workouts, you cannot connect an external heart rate sensor to the devices, but you have that wrist heart rate sensor additionally. They both relay your smart phone notifications on to your wrist.

If your phone is within 30 to 40 feet of you, there is no LT having been built into them. But if you get a call or a text message, you’ll be able to see that on your wrist.

Neither of them is water-resistant. Their water resistance but splash and sweat ready which means you can go running with them and light drizzle of rain and such things will be fine. But you can’t shower with them and you cannot swim with them which is unfortunate. They’re both one hundred and fifty dollars, so the same price for both devices.

They both have the smart track feature from Tippett, which means that they automatically recognize and categorize your workout. So if you want to go running, when you start running, it will automatically pick up the fact that you’re running, and it will save that work out for you, although on the charge too.You can start a workout directly on the device.

Whereas with the Alta HR, you’re going to go with that smart tracking feature. The main reason that you get the Alta HR comes down to design. I mean it’s sleeker and slimmer and more covert which looks less like a fitness tracker. I think there are a lot of people who don’t want to shout out the fact that they are wearing in Fitness lice and may opt for the Alta HR.

It is a nice-looking device that doesn’t scream fitness device. The charge has a little bit more on the performance side. It has connected GPS. So what is it that piggybacks off of the GPS from your phone?

You have to have your phone with you, but if you go running with it or cycling with it or hiking with it, it will take that GPS information and show it to you on your wrist, which is nice.

If you’re running and cycling and hiking more often, you can see your pace and distance and speed and so on. If you’re doing that more often, you may prefer the charge. It also has a little bigger display on it, which I like to have it connected with GPS. But it is obvious that it is a personal preference thing.

They’re the same price. I’ll link them down below in the description which would be links to Amazon. So you can check and see if the prices have changed. Though our preference is the charge, I think for the same price, you’re going to get all of the same features and more. You’re still going to be able to interchange the bands, so you can make it look less or more sporty. You still get all of the same features that Alta HR has.

It’s probably the same price, but in fact we’ve seen it cheaper lately. So check out our website Rizzo’s com, the link to that is on the screen and down below in the description. What we have done is that we find the best deals on activity trackers and fitness trackers and equipment.

We post about them every single day, we don’t sell this stuff, we help you save money on them by telling you about awesome deals. We’ve seen stuff lately on Fitbit specifically, so that’s the article. I hope you found it helpful. Let me know which one you’re going to go with, if you’re going to get one of these.

If this article is helpful, I’ll see you in the next one. Have a great day. If you want some more Rizzo’s content, check out our snap chat behind-the-scenes or Twitter Facebook. How about some pictures articles stuff? We’re working on it now. You can check it on Instagram or check out another original article.

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