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FitBit Walmart Charge 2 Would I Buy It Again 8 Months Later ?

Description: This article is about fitbit Walmart. In this passage, the writer tells us what he likes and what he doesn’t like about the fitbit charge 2 and if he would buy it when he went back to eight months ago.

My name is Kevin and today I’m in Seattle Discovery Park with my Fitbit charge 2. I bought this eight months ago and I thought now it would be a good time to check in. I’m going to talk about what I like about the charge 2 and what I don’t like about it.

At the end, if I could go back to eight months in time, would I get the Fitbit charge 2 again? Or would I pick up a competitive device such as the Apple watch? Stay tuned and find out. We’re going to start off with what I like about the Fitbit charge 2.

One of the most important things about a fitness tracker and the foundational reason I got this fitness tracker is to be able to track the number of steps. The Fitbit that I have got does that very well. I’ve used a number of other trackers alongside my Fitbit charge 2, and they’re all comparable in the number of steps I get. So I’m confident that it does that very well.

The price of the charge 2 varies between $130 and $150. When you consider all the benefits that a fitness tracker has for your health, 130 dollars isn’t that much. Another thing that I like about the Fitbit is the ability to customize the device. This is the gunmetal band that I got with the device when I first purchased it.

But what you can also do is depending on the occasion. You can put a whole bunch of different bands on. What I want to do is to show you some of the ones that I’ve got. On the back of the Fitbit, what you could do is to unhook it, so the band slides off the tracker.

Here’s the band. When I originally bought it, I got the gunmetal series band, so you’ll notice it has a little bit more texture. I can compare that to the standard black band that you get, you’ll notice the texture is a little bit different, but I like the gunmetal series. So that’s the one I originally bought, although later on I went and picked up the traditional band as well.

This one is a vendor called Abba new. They produce these nice brown leather bands and I pick that up and I’ll wear that to work. It seems that it is a little fancier than the standard black bands. But this one runs for about $15, the cheapest one of the bunches.

This is another kind of black band, which has very nice silicon, and I feel this one is made by a company called skylit. What you could do is to take the charge 2 and you slip it in. Now at the end, I have another band which is produced by a company called Inn stop.

This one has a Apple wash feeling to it. If you’re interested in any of these bands, I have links directly to Amazon with product links to these where you can pick them up. But I have said that they all run for sub $20, so one of the great new things about the Fitbit charge 2 is that it’s able to track your sleep.

They use a combination of your heart rate and your movement to detect what stage of the sleep cycle that you’re in, whether it’s REM, whether it’s deep sleep or whether it’s light sleep or not. What I have found is that it seems very accurate. I always think that I get between seven and eight hours of sleep per night, but it turns out that I only get between six and seven hours of sleep per night. So I need to get to bed a little earlier in the evening.

Overall, this is something new that Fitbit introduces and it seems to do a good job when I get up to go to the bathroom at night. It picks that up accurately and when I look back the next day, all the times that I woke up or I moved around, the Fitbit captures that.

Now a rundown of the other things that I like to opposite, it also tracks my heart rate this way. I make sure that I’m doing enough rigorous exercise every day. For example, when I go for a walk, my heart rate doesn’t elevate as much verse. When I play basketball, my heart rate goes up a lot higher. So the nice thing about it is recharge to make sure that I’m getting enough intense workout every single day.

Another thing that I like about the Fitbit is that it gives me text message notifications. And it gives me phone call notifications in this way. I never miss notifications that are coming in. In the past, I put my phone in my bag or in my pocket, I’d have vibrate on and I would miss all those types of notifications. So this has been a lifesaver.

Another thing that I like is the ability to challenge your friends who get the most steps in that week. That’s a lot of fun, it brings a little bit of competitiveness to your friend group, and that’s one of the things that the Fitbit has.

Other fitness trackers have a big network of users and chances are that many of your friends are already using a fit. Many of the other devices that I’ve tried, they don’t have that same community or the same network effect. There aren’t any fitness trackers.

There are things I like and there are also things I dislike. It’s with any electronic device and the charge 2 isn’t different. Now one of the first things that comes to mind is something that I don’t like, it is the fitbit’s ability to track the number of floors you go up and down.

I have found that at the end of the day, sometimes the Fitbit will tell me I go up twenty or thirty floors while my memory tells me that I only go up about one to three floors. Another thing that I’m not crazy about with the Fitbit is that it’s encouraging it to get at least 200 steps per hour. When I’m at work, I’m sitting down a lot, I still go for my 10,000 steps every day.

But I tend to do it in bigger chunks, a verse throughout the entire day. So it reminds to get up every single hour. It is nice, but I find it more annoying than nice. One of my favorite features and also one of my most disliked features of the charge 2 is the stopwatch.

You can go through and you can turn on a stopwatch. I find it very helpful when I’m at the gym and zambian planks, I need up time that how long they’re going for. The only problem is the stopwatch display on the charge 2.

It turns off after about 10 seconds, so the trouble is that you’re in a position when you’re doing a workout and you’re trying to look at how much time you’ve been doing it for, and then all the thermal turns off and you can’t see how much time you’ve done it for.

That’s frustrating. I haven’t been able to find a workaround for that, but that’s one thing that I dislike about it. Now some of the things that I’m indifferent about with the charge 2 are that there’s a relaxation mode and you can either have a walk for 2 or 5 minutes. It’ll encourage you to take deep breaths. That’s something that I’ve done a few times.

But it’s more of a gimmick. The big question is that if I could go back to eight months in time, would I buy the Fitbit charge2 again? You could probably tell from this article that I like the Fitbit charge 2 quite a bit. I’ve been using it ever since I first got it on Black Friday last year.

If I lost the Fitbit charge 2, I would like to buy another one again. The most important thing about the Fitbit charge 2 is that it drives a positive lifestyle change for me. Before I had the Fitbit charge 2, I wasn’t aware of how much I was exercising or how much I was moving. It turned out when I first got the Fitbit.

I wasn’t moving all that much when I had my annual physical, my blood pressure was a little elevated. So I got the Fitbit and I started to realize how little I was moving. So it drove me to go outside to move around more, to get more exercise to get my 10,000 steps every single day.

I’ve done that since I started living a more active lifestyle. At my last annual physical, my blood pressure was within the normal range where it should be. I think the Fitbit for driving that positive lifestyle change all-in-all for $130 for the type of impact.

It could have on your lifestyle and it’s well worth the cost. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like it, please consider subscribing, so you get any future updates and please like the article if you enjoy it. I’ll see you next time.

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