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Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker For Swimming 2018 Best Cheapest Smart Bracelet

Description: This article is about fitness activity tracker. It introduces the best waterproof fitness tracker for swimming to us, which can record the blood pressure, oxygen and sleeping data and so on. This function is helpful to our health.

I want to show you how it works. It has a heart rate monitor sensor on the back, and I will show you the stick counter, how many miles that you have walked or run, and how many calories you have burned and your heart rate if you go on.

It will automatically activate the heart rate monitor and treat your heart rate, you need to put it above your wrist. So I will put it back on the heart rate. You can hold it and you will read your heart rate, it’s 84, save it for now, because I’ve been moving around.

Next it has the oxygen level. I think this is a four oxygen level, you put it on your wrist and it reads the oxygen level of your blood. I don’t know how it does that, but that’s a good feature to have. So my oxygen level is 98 percent out of 100. So my oxygen level is good.

Next we have the blood pressure. This one is for blood pressure, it’s a very nice feature to have on your fitness tracker. That watch takes around 20 seconds, so my blood pressure is 120 over 83. It’s good to know.

Sleep tracker shows you how much sleep you get during the day, week and the months. If you have a good sleep or shallow sleep, it will tell you that either on the app. I will show you later. What else we have is that you have the touch button. I don’t want it to be off. The touch problem could be tricky sometimes.

So I’m going to show you the app. On your phone, you install the app and you go to the device management to connect your wristband with your phone. If you need to find your wrist and it will vibrate, so it shows you where is your wrist.

It has the reminders for call alert SMS along alarm clock, sedentary, and all that. It will vibrate if you have a call or message. And for whisper voice activation, if you enable this option every time, you turn your furies, it will activate the wristband.

There is hourly readings, so that means it will read your health level every hour and show you your blood pressure, your oxygen and sleeping data all that on your app every hour. There’s from Merapi, we don’t need to do that, you can take photos with this wristband, press it. You need to shake your wristband to take a picture.

And we have the health weekly, so on your home screen, we have the step counter, sleep data, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and the FATA too. So whether you’re tired or not, it will tell you every hour. If you want to get it one time within, you put it, you go to the reading and put it on your wrist and press the button.

It will take some time to read the data off your wrist. We get the data that everything we need. You will update. So everything works fine with this wristband. The only one part that I have a little bit of problem with is the touch button. It is not sensitive enough for me, but it’s good. It works fine on everything.

It comes with the extra wristband and that’s the different color. It’s nice, but the one thing that I notice is the slipping data, which is not correct. I tried it and it showed me the wrong data. I don’t know about that, because I was working at the night shift and it might not be optimized for that time of sleep.

So it showed me the wrong sleep time and I slept for six hours and it showed me a half hour, which wasn’t correct. That is the only part that I think they need to work on. Thank you.

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