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Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Swimming 2018

Description: This article is about fitness activity tracker. In this passage, the writer introduces the best three waterproof fitness trackers for swimming to us, such as the Misfit Shine 2, Swimmer’s Edition, partnership with Speedo, Fitbit Flex 2 and MOOV.

I’m Jeff Rizzo from RIZKNOWS, what is RIZKNOWS? That’s the best website in the world, you had better check that out. Today we’re talking about that, what I think are the three best water proof fitness trackers for swimming. I’ve been swimming a lot more lately, I went swimming today, which is why I smell chlorine.

Swimming is awesome and there are few fitness trackers that are meant to go swimming with. There are a bunch of Garmin waterproof fitness trackers. I’ve done tons of reviews of them. I’ll link them down below in the description. None of them will monitor swimming specifically as a sport.

Now I’m talking about fitness trackers. GPS watches Garmin sento TomTom. There are some brands that make some great watches, such as my Phoenix 5, which will track swimming. But we’re talking about fitness trackers, something that’s a little bit more covert that you’re wearing to track your general activities throughout the day.

So if you want to check out those reviews, there are tons on our channel, there are below the description. Now we will talk to fitness trackers. If you’re into this stuff, make sure to subscribe, and if you enjoy the article and find it helpful. Because I have put a lot of time to test it, and the stuff that I didn’t have fun, but I still put a lot of time into it.

Dillon who’s behind the camera, has put a lot of time into it, so make sure that thumbs up button. Dillon, please hit the introduction. So, first of all, we’re going to do an 1a 1b situation, because it’s hard to chew, so I’m going to start with Misfits.

Misfits are owned by fossil, it is one of the largest wearable companies. They have this shine to swimmers addition, which is cool. They team up with speedo to create this device, it seems to be a little quarter, and it’s got a dial around the front of it.

As for LEDs, they will show you your progress towards your daily activity goal. That will also show you the time of day. In general, it seems to be a piece of jewelry which is nice, because it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. You can wear it on your wrist and on your hip, you can give it pendants around your neck, so it’s very cool that girls can wear it.

They can dress it up or dress it down, so it’s a very versatile device. It tracks all of your normal steps and one cool thing about this device is that it’s powered off a coin cell battery, which means that you don’t need to charge it. So you swap out the coin cell, which is very easy and you can do that every five to six months.

So as your normal activity tracking stuff, it has a few smart features, although those are not the focuses in terms of swimming. It tracks your laps, your total distance and then it will estimate your calories as well. You can change the pool size if you want.

I think such as 25 meters, 25 yards and 50 meters and you can adjust that within the mobile app. Then there’s one nice thing about misfit, it gives you the option to start a workout on your mobile app. So I want to swim for 25 minutes and then the device will buzz to let you know when you have done with your 25 minutes workout.

In terms of accuracy, I find it to be very good when I swim. It seems to be 25 to 75 meters off. I’m not the greatest swimmer, but I find accuracy to be very good, if I swim a thousand meters or eight hundred meters. It’s typically 25 meters to 75 meters off.

Sometimes it’s spot-on, sometimes it’s darn close. But I think for most people, it will be fine. So accuracy is very good on this. That’s one thing that is very affordable. It’s under $100 and I like the look of it. I know Kate in our office who wears the shine too, and she likes it as her fitness tracker.

Now the one thing which is better than the other is that you can go with one of them. You may want to choose one based on price or the brand that you like. I’ll link all three of these down below in the description.

The other one 1b is the Fitbit flex 2, this is the first Fitbit device that is waterproof. So think of this as your standard activity tracker, it has five LEDs that will show you your progress towards your daily steps goal, attract steps, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep and all of that. None of these has a heart rate sensor, so it does not have one of these built-ins.

But what’s nice about the Flex two is that there are a bunch of different accessories that Fitbit has made. I own none of them, because it’s not the device I wear. But if I am a young lady, you can get different pendants and necklaces and all of that stuff. So it might be one of those that you like.

The shine 2 can be a little bit more covert pricing on it. I see it all the time for under 100 bucks. I’ll link it down below in the description. I have mentioned before that it’s around 75 or under for swimming, though it’s waterproof, when the shine 2 is down to 50 meters. It automatically recognizes when you start an activity such as run or walk or swim.

For swimming, it’s going to track your lengths, your distance and it will also estimate your calories. For me, I find it has similar accuracy to the shine 2. I think it’ll be very good for most people. If you’re hardcore swimmer, maybe you want to upgrade to a Garmin watch or a Sun toe watch.

But I’d say that accuracy is very good for most people, who want to track their swimming. And for people, they are better than me at swimming. But swimming is very good on this thing. The biggest downfall that I find with the flex 2 is that its battery life is around 5 days compared to 6 months with the shine 2.

But it definitely has the best mobile app out of all three of these devices. So if you care about challenges and competing with friends. You can look at all of your data and incorporate your weight and diet and there is nothing that can do better than Fitbit.

Now the last up on the list is the most affordable one, but it also supplies the most data. Now there aren’t a lot of people who have heard of them. The price on this thing is 60 bucks, maybe it is even under that. It’s the ugliest of the three devices, it seems like a quarter. I’ve got the one that which is red.

You can wear it on your wrist or your ankle, and this one tracks all things, it can coach you through running and cycling and which is similar to a cardio class. But the other thing is swimming. It supplies a lot of data to you, so it gives you your distance. It also breaks down every one of your laps.

So it’ll tell you the lap time, it’ll tell you how long it will take you to turn, and it also incorporates how many strokes it will take you to complete. It also recognizes what type of swimming you’re doing. So when I’m doing freestyle swimming, it knows that and it gives you a lot of data.

I find it to be very accurate, but the one downfall with all of these is that they don’t have a display, so if it messes up when you’re swimming, you can’t correct it on the device. You have to check that out later in the mobile app. This is also powered off of a coin cell battery.

The biggest downside that I have found is that it’s lesser-known. The mobile app isn’t as robust as Fitbit, and it’s not your typical activity tracker. It’s more of a fitness coach than it is as an activity tracker, though it tracks your daily activity and your sleep.

So those are the three best water proof fitness trackers. If you want a waterproof fitness tracker, check out a website, check out everything down below in the description. We’ve done tons of reviews.

But if you want to go swimming and you want a fitness tracker in particular, these are the ones to go with. Hope it is helpful. I love doing these and I hope you know that getting to run and swimming for a living is awesome. Make sure to give us a thumbs up if you like the article. I’ll see you next time and have a great day.

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