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Blood Pressure in a Fitness Tracker?? Bozlun B15P

Description: This article is about fitness activity tracker. It is an article about a test on the blood pressure in a fitness tracker. However, it is not medical device and the writer thinks we should contact the doctor if we have any issues.

It’s been a little while since I took a look at any fitness monitoring bands or any wearables and so on. So why don’t we do that? Today we’re going to take a quick look at the Bozlun fitness tracker B 15 P. It’s a blood pressure and heart rate monitor and there’s not much more to say about it than that.

We will go ahead and jump into the box, so we’re working with the fitness band. We’ll come back to that in a second. Here’s the b15 bracelet user guide, all of that is in Chinese and with English all over the other side. Here are some of the features that this bracelet offers.

You can check your blood pressure on it and it has a heart rate monitor. It has a touchscreen and a pedometer. It shows you your distance and your calories burned. You can see notifications and phone numbers when you get phone calls. It monitors your sleep and you can use it as an alarm.

There is a goal setting for how many steps and there are quite a few features that I find very interesting. The blood pressure is the one that entices me, though it’s the one that makes me want to take a look at it. Because there are lot of people, family and close family having blood pressure issues, but not me luckily.

It is something you ought to keep an eye on and the last thing inside of this box is the charger, which seems to be fairly straightforward. It’s a simple USB connection, you’ll plug this into a wall wart or into your computer or into a desktop charging station. I’ve made some about a ton of those if you haven’t seen them.

Then from the fitness band, if you’ll pop this out and slide it into place, it’s a very firm connection. And if you plug this in now, it would start charging. Now we will go back over to it, go ahead and peel this little face plate off.

It’s all black although they show two other colors available over on Amazon, a green which seems like teal as well as purple, whose band retails for about 33 to 35 dollars. So if you’re looking forward to getting more into fitness, this might be something to keep in mind.

It seems that we need to get an app before we move too much farther. Here’s the QR code if you want to get it yourself. I scan it on the iPhone and it takes me over to the app store, which is called H band.

There are some screen-shots from it, so it doesn’t seem to be a badass. We should get the job done. Before I try to pair it up to anything, we will see what it is when I turn it on if I can turn it on.

It seems that it might be dead out of the gate, so we take it out of this band, you grab it and give a little push on one end. I will take this on the charger and we’ll be back. So we will discharge for a few minutes. Now we’re back. It’s not fully charged. I take it off, because I want to go ahead and continue making the video.

So as you can see, whenever it stays on, there’s the time, there’s a battery level and the date down at the bottom. You’ve got the number of calories burned, distance travel, hours of sleep and your heart rate. It beats per minute which seems to be blood pressure, and then it is power.

So if you want to turn it off, you could use that. I ought to put it on to see if it’s doing things fine. So we get it in place. Now let’s take it around to heart rate and see what it seems to be. I am trying that and it might be a little bit high. That’s a bit higher than where I am at the moment, but it is staying constant.

Maybe it’s accurate. I can’t tell it. We will check the blood pressure and let’s see what it says. I’m curious to see how this works, because it’s not going to be inflating anything and that’s what you should associate with. The blood pressure monitor definitely does something, it says 137 over 91, which seems a little high.

I am under some warm lights and I have this tight. So it’s entirely possible. I will try loosening it, because that is a little bit high. So I’ll stretch my arm here and you’ll see that it seems to be a little bit lower and a little bit better 125 over 77. That top number is still a little higher for me, but it’s closer.

It also takes a minute to go ahead and set all of this app up. I don’t do any login or anything. I’m thinking straight from the device into the app. As you can see, on the main dashboard, it steps number of hours today and yesterday, two days ago, and it steps sleep and heart rate data, blood pressure, running information if you want to begin running some point system up here.

Gold, silver and bronze here are my devices where I have to set it up. You can turn on message notifications for phone calls, messages, We Chat and QQ. I don’t use either of those services and you can set alarms here, so you can set the most to three alarms at a time.

You have to make sure that it’s turned on the switch setting. It says night turn wrist, so if you want, you can turn it towards yourself in the night, which seems like VP test mode. It says setting your personal tailored VP to obtain a more accurate data, so this is going to help you calibrate it.

If you take your blood pressure first with an accurate blood pressure, you should go to a store or something and have it tested, you can go to a doctor and have it tested, then set it inside of the app, which should make it a little bit more accurate. Mine was a little high but now it is set to the normal mode.

I think setting it will change the personal mode, so it shouldn’t make a difference. Now it’s trying its best and then you’ve also got a firmware upgrade option. I don’t speak Chinese, but it is going to try to update the firmware on the device now.

Then the other thing I have seen is that there is a sport goal of 9000 at the moment. To be your goal, there are four steps for the day as well as a sleep target, the amount of sleep you want to get per day.

There is a new feature showing up, it says alcohol test is not sure, but in the either way, the battery may be running low on this. so I’m going to go ahead and plug it back in, do the firmware update and do a little walking around to test the pedometer. We’ll be back to minor update.

While I was editing this article, I took out this blood pressure monitor with my family, while we were out shopping today, we walked around thousands and thousands of steps and there was a difference between this. My Fitbit in terms of pedometer of about 300 steps and a large part of that can be accounted for.

I was carrying the baby a lot, so it seems to be very accurate as far as being a pedometer. To address some of the earlier stuff about the heart rate and the blood pressure, the heart rate takes about six seconds to calculate, the blood pressure takes about 45 to 50 seconds to calculate, and the more I test it, the more accurate it seems to be.

So I am highly impressive with this. But you should keep in mind, this is not a medical device, it’s not to be taken a hundred percent. You should consult with your medical professionals if you have any concerns about your blood pressure. I think I have covered about everything that I wanted to show on this today.

Make sure that you check it out over on Amazon if you’re interested in keeping track of your blood pressure. Keep in mind it may not be a hundred percent accurate, it may not be perfect, but it’s better than not having anything. Thank you for reading. Make sure to hit that thumbs up if you like the article, subscribe to the channel to receive more articles. I will see you next time.

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