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Does Flex Seal Walmart Com Work ? As Seen on TV

Description: The following article is mainly focusing on showing us some experiments with different materials in order to test whether the flex seal sold in Walmart works or not.

I’m going to let that dry, we’re going to look at this, there are some of those cracks where the holes went through, but they didn’t break the plastic, it definitely looks like the flex seal got into the cracks, it’s filled up, this one looks like the paper, this stuff is solidifying and filling that up.

I’m excited to see what will happen, it is not dry, so I’m going to leave it out here to make it dry, I don’t know how long it will take, I can’t even see the screen, so hopefully, around this area, it’s tacky.

I’m more concerned about this one, because this was a gigantic hole, the outside of it is that big, so I want to try it, the water is ridiculously cold, it is 60 degrees, so if this thing sinks, I’m not going to get it.

It’s going to stay at the bottom of my pool, I have a feeling that water is going to come in there, if I press it down, that might work a little bit better, I’ll let it tell you what I’ll do.

I’ll put this brake on it, I’ll come back out here in ten twenty minutes, we are waiting for the flex seal to dry, there’s nothing to do but wait, we are going to try it, we have flex seal, we have plastic container with flex seal on it and we also have an xbox 36.

My card stopped recording, check this out, there’s no water coming into it, because there is a small amount of water, we’re going to submerge it, there are some bubbles coming out, it would probably work.

Let me know about what other products you want to see and I will more be happy to go out there and pick them up, I can see how they work, I have another one, enjoy this episode, they become a double owner.

Welcome to as-seen-on-tv, it is where I take stuff that is shown on TV, I see if it really works, this stuff is something I’ve been hearing about, this is called the flex seal.

They put it on boats, they put it on anything that is going to come in contact with the weather, they see if it works, so what are we going to do?

Let me tell you, it’s excellent for skylights gutters downspouts flashing windows those PVC pipes roof leaks hoses chimneys ductwork foundation awnings bent pipes AC drip pans RV campers trailers, it stops the leaks.

When you have to take this, you’re going to drill holes in this, how do you do that? I’m going to put it in the pool, we’re going to see exactly how it works, so let’s drill a couple of holes.

There is obviously going to be some leakage, so I’m not even going to throw it in the pool, I don’t know how we are supposed to do the bottom part, there’s obviously a hole there, when it comes out, the flex seal clear shows you everything to know it.

I’m poking this hole, it makes it watertight, I’m going to be thoroughly impressed, let’s get what we’re going to do, we’re going to keep that here, but we’re going to spray the inside check that out.

I’ll apply a couple of coats and see if I can get, maybe I should stick a piece of paper over the top of it, they’ll work if I do a piece of paper over the top of it, rubberize it, I think it’ll work, let’s try it, I got three pieces of paper, I got dirt on one of them, I think this might work, this stuff is slowly filling in the crack, but I think it’ll take 800 years.

We’ll put it on it, it’s slowly seeping into the rubberized coating, this one is not going to work out, because it has that little Ridge there, so let’s cut a nice little piece, I touched it, it’s on my hand, wipe it off, it is on my hand, scrape it off on my finger, because I don’t want to die.

They’re slowly getting absorbed, let’s shake, we are going to coat these pieces of paper in this epoxy ish type coating, this needs to be pushed down, I need a stick or a rock.

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