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Flex Seal or Flexseal Review It Does Not Last Walmart Com

Description: The article below continues to show us some interesting experiments given by the author in order to show the procedures and results about how the flex seal sold in Walmart absolutely turned to nothing.

It’s an epoxy type of a substance that comes out, it does have a texture to it, it’s hard and you can buy that at any automotive store and we’ll take a quick walk over here and I’m going to show you another area that I put the flex seal on and I did this last winter, this would be a great idea.

You can see that in all, it appears that the flex seal almost took off the paint, because the paint’s not bad, but you can see I had some water that was getting up here, so I’ll try this and you can see how the flex seal absolutely turned to nothing.

I wanted to keep the water from getting on the wood, I got a good oil-based paint to do this instead of trying to flex seal, but let me get this to focus.

Focus is trying, you can see how that flex seal turned to this, it has no integrity at all, there’s a flex seal, that’s what it looks like after about nine months.

Don’t waste your money on it, you can see it’s dried up and cracked away, I need to be painted, what I’m in the process of doing is painting it, but you can see if I wipe it, it’s powder, it is a rubber.

After approximately nine months, I decided to try the flex seal and the white color to see how it worked, you can see the two different colors and I don’t know if you can see that, this is the white flex seal and that stuff was originally white, in about two weeks, it turned to a beige color, so it doesn’t remain white.

I followed the directions, put everything on, clean the surface, you can see the flex seal, this is where it’s on the concrete, it’s turning to this powder stuff, it’s not this rubbery stuff, it’s supposed to speed, I lightly scraped it, it’s got power, it has turned into this, it’s not soft.

I’m obviously in the process of scraping the flex seal off and using real paint, to do this, you can see the stuff comes off, it’s hard, it’s incredible, it is blowing off, there’s powder, so if you want this for a very quick fix to make a screen boat float on the water, I will try to get a good look, you can see how textured it is.

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