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Flex Seal Walmart Com Does It Work ? 6 Months on A Roof Results Surprised Me

Description: The author of the article mainly wants to show us the result of the test on how the flex seal bought from Walmart has been held up, since he found something interesting and surprising after it was put on the roof after six months.

I want to show you how flex seal has held up over the last six months, I put this flex seal down, I think it was at the beginning of December, we’re around a six-month point and it went through a winter, so I wanted you to see how it’s holding up.

I’m curious myself, I got up here, set the camera up, we’re going to learn this together, see how it went, I am going to close up, this is how it looks, there’s some pitting here, I will rub on it, if you can see that, it has peeled away, that’s a problem there, that was sealed over.

When I did it last year and it opened up back through again, it’s a six-month point, I’m not happy, I wasn’t expecting this, I came up here, I thought it was going to be a sealed out, I had put down a cold patch or something that is like a heavy-dut.

I probably have been better off putting that up here, this stuff is flaking and the whole set in hand filled in are now opened up again, I want to point out that it was sealed last winter.

Six months later, I got a lot of pitting and flaking, I don’t think it should be opening up, this is fast to have that happen, I’m a little disappointed, when I do my videos, I give you the truth, I give you my honest opinion here, I wasn’t paid by flex seal to do the other video, I was given the product for free to try out, I was given the ability to give out some free prizes to you.

I was paid on something, I was covering in this situation here, I was reviewing it, I’ve used this product in some other situations, I’m concerned about whether I need to go back and look at those again, due to the flaking, that’s going on here, so it may be other situations, I’m not knocking it in other situations, but for this situation, with a liquid, gravity is constantly pulling on it, it was settling in and sealing up those openings.

It is safe, I put a second coat on that first coat which had been drying for that. I want to say at least a week or longer, this is basically a double coat on here.

If you’re doing it for a quick fix, something you’re going to hold up for three months or maybe six months tops, but this definitely does not replace pulling the vent and redoing that rain cover or that wet cover around the base of the vent, you’re going to do that, this is a short-term fix.

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