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How to Properly Apply Flex Seal Walmart Com for Maximum Hold

Description: The article primarily shows us the correct way to apply flex sea, some different ways to use flex seal bought from Walmart and something that needs to be paid attention to when you do the experiment in case it will cause the accident.

I want to talk about flex seal, we’ve seen the commercial with the person in the boat with the screen door, but I want to show you the correct way to apply flex sea.

Flex seal is a rubberized coating, seals coats protect anything, it’s like liquid rubber in a can, before we begin, we want to make sure the workspace is well ventilated, if you have windows, open up the windows, you have a fan, turn the fan on, get the air moving, make sure not to smoke around flex seal. don’t use the product around heat, sparks or open flames, little common sense goes a long way.

As far as using the product, first thing you want to do is to shake the can vigorously for about a minute, it has a variable pressure nozzle, you can either put it on a light coat and notice how much of an area that covers, that’s perfect for filling gutters and the roof line around cabinets.

If you notice a nice flow, you can hold it in a concentrated area, it builds up, this is perfect for filling larger holes and cracks.

When working with flex seal, heat and humidity have a lot to do with dry time, obviously, if your outdoor spraying in the sunlight, it’s going to dry a lot faster, several hours is good, but overnight is always a safe bet.

You can also touch it, if it’s tacky or soft, it’s not dry, once this stuff is dry, it’s going to work in another way to check, it’s not sealed and you need to add another coat.

Once you have done with the Flex seal, you want to clear the nozzle, we do this by turning it upside down, giving it a few quick blasts, the next time you go to use it, it won’t be clogged up and remember on bigger jobs, you may have to use multiple coats, but let it dry in between, it may take a little time, but if you do it properly, flex seal does an incredible job.

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